Hi! For my home I have chosen house plants that do not require special care, in light of the fact that my thumb is not black ... more !!! The only ones that are well, strangely, are the orchids that they gave me .. For the rest, the dwarf rose plant has dried flowers, the tillandsia has faded and the dracaena marginata has dry tips ... In this period so cold, should I maybe put them some in the balcony anyway? The house temperature is normal, maybe I should increase the humidity? How? And also when do I know it's time to transplant or fertilize? Many thanks in advance!!!


Dear Vales,

roses, albeit dwarf, are garden plants, so if you have kept them indoors for a long time they are suffering from the unfavorable climate, you can try to keep them in an unheated area of ​​the house, with good brightness and good humidity, without water them if the soil is damp. The dracaena with dry tips probably suffers from the often very dry climate present in the house. Tillandsia has probably finished flowering, and will therefore dry out. To increase the ambient humidity you can vaporize the foliage of your plants every day, with demineralized water, or put iv asi in large saucers, with 3-4 cm of clay on the bottom, and 2 cm of water, so that the water does not reach the vessels, in this way the evaporation of the water will increase the ambient humidity. The fertilization of indoor plants is carried out every 15-20 days, from April to September, with specific fertilizers for each type of plant. Repotting is usually done when the plants begin to produce roots that come out of the pot.

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