Ducks: Bahamian pintail

Ducks: Bahamian pintail

Spread and habitat

Beautiful looking small duck that lives in a large subtropical area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmerica. Much loved and bred for ornamental purposes, it has a docile and peaceful character and adapts well to captivity except for the formation of couples due to the similarity of the sexes.

Morphological characteristics

Female and male are very similar in appearance. Brown-hazelnut flake coat, with green bars on the wings visible when in flight. Brown head with large white area from the eye towards the throat: the beak is dark gray with orange junction. Brown eyes and gray legs.
Even in nature there is a mutation of the plumage which is silvery white.
This plumage is particularly appreciated by amateur breeders.
Size approximately 44 cm.

Nutrition and behavior

It feeds on small molluscs, snails, sprouts, seeds and berries. In captivity the diet must be varied. During the reproduction the couples separate themselves between the bushes or the rocks, more or less near the water. The females hatch 8-10 eggs for about 23 days. The young are immediately active.

Bahamian pintail Anas bahamensis (photo putneymark)

Bahamian Pintail (Anas bahamensis) white (photo

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