Question: ivy

my hedge is overgrown with ivy how can i remove it?

Answer: ivy

Dear Gaetano,

unfortunately I fear that you must try to make your ivy desist, pruning it at the base every time it sprouts; or you can try removing most of the roots.

There are herbicidal products on the market that work through the leaf blade, such as the widespread glyphosate, but you will only need to administer it to the ivy and not to the hedge; these herbicides work in a systemic way, that is, after you have spread them on the leaves, they are absorbed by the plant, go down to the roots, and kill the whole shrub.

It could be an ideal solution, but only if your ivy is not close to other plants, because to kill only the ivy you will have to make sure that the product only wet the ivy leaves, without dripping on the leaves of your hedge. not even by mistake. Years ago a nurseryman told me that he had weeded his newly planted nursery with glyphosate, at the foot of the webbed maples in spring: after two weeks he found himself without even a tree, due to the wind that had carried the product also on the leaves of the maples .

So if you want to try a herbicide, you will have to arm yourself with painstaking patience, or use a brush instead of the vaporizer; and in any case, the risks that the herbicide will also ruin the hedge remain.

My neighbors uprooted an ivy planted forty years ago, of enormous size, simply by putting kitchen salt at the base of the stem, but even here, around their ivy there were no plants of any kind; sea ​​salt works as a herbicide, even if it is washed away more quickly by rains; only that it would also affect the roots of your hedge, making damage difficult to prevent.

If you want, you can choose a fairly strong herbicide, such as picloram, and try to brush it on the ivy leaves in areas where they are not close to the leaves of the hedge, and hope that the dose of herbicide is sufficient to nip the stump; in any case, avoid these operations in a windy period, or when the sun hits the leaves directly, and also periods of rain: systemic herbicides usually work only if absorbed by the foliage, once they have fallen into the ground because they are washed away by rain, they do not they are then more absorbed by the roots.

So if it rains you do not run the risk that the systemic herbicide will also be absorbed by the hedge, but it will not be absorbed by the ivy either, and therefore you will have to repeat the operation.

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