Plants with flowers for apartment

Plants with flowers for apartment

Question: plants with flowers for apartments

I would like to know what are the plants with flowers for a dimly lit apartment. Thanks

Answer: plants with flowers for apartments

Dear Mario,

in the apartment tropical plants are usually grown, originating from areas of the world where the climate is decidedly warm all year round, and the plants of these areas are therefore able to appreciate the approximately 20 ° C present in our house, even if it is winter, and the days are very short. Of course, in order to grow them indoors, these plants have a good dose of adaptability. Unfortunately, most houseplants do not bloom, but not because in nature they are plants completely devoid of flowers (which in fact, are very difficult to find, if we do not consider the ferns), but simply because the life in pot and at home it does not allow them the correct development phases; in the sense: yes, tropical plants live in apartments, but it is difficult to find the ideal living conditions.

The use of indoor plants, as if they were furnishing elements, derives from past centuries, when the wealthy gentlemen could afford a winter garden, or a sort of greenhouse attached to the house, where they grew orchids, exotic plants, succulents, fruits tropical. Having a flower garden at home was considered a status symbol, much like owning a Ferrari is now; and whoever managed to make the last discovered orchids bloom at home, it was as if he had a yacht and a villa by the sea.

Over the centuries this type of consideration for apartment gardens has changed a lot; and today almost all of us have a bit of greenery in the house, which decorates and enlivens the rooms; most of these plants don't bloom, and if they do, it's only in homes where they can enjoy good lighting.

Among the plants that most easily adapt to low light are the spatifilli, but also many species of bromeliads, gardenias, aeschinanthus and dipladenias. However, I warn you that if you place these plants in a completely dark corner, within a few months they will completely stop flowering, and will hardly do so, unless they are moved to a well-lit area.

We often place the plants in a corner away from the windows, where they can always enjoy very little light; try to consider putting a nice shelf on the wall in front of the window, your plants should be better up there.

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