Green lawn

Green lawn

Question: green lawn

how come in a green lawn sown last year and grown in patches how can I fix it needs to be aired or what?

Answer: green lawn

Dear Christian,

the planting of a turf is in some cases quite difficult, as some climatic and environmental events can favor or disadvantage the development of the plants that compose it; grassy carpets are generally made up of small ground cover grass plants which, after sprouting, tend to form a small compact clod, made up of leaves and roots, which tends to widen more and more over time; over the years, each single plant expands, covering the entire area it finds available. The establishment of these ground cover plants is not quick, and certainly, for an effective and lasting result, it is necessary to take care of them, especially in the first years of development. If we simply sow the lawn, at the end of winter for example, and take care of it only until the seeds have sprouted, and then we only worry about the mowing, in the course of the following months the grasses of the grass will find many obstacles to overcome and even some that competes against them, or weeds. These grasses, often annuals (therefore some of them die in winter, leaving the lawn bare), tend to have very rapid development cycles, and therefore bloom often and spread just as often. So, you can have a scenario in which we sow the grasses, water them, wait for them to sprout, and then just kick them; at the same time the weeds re-seed themselves about six times. At the end of the following winter, it is easy to understand how the turf has been colonized by weeds, which will have already left their autumn seeds on the ground.

For a turf to settle well, the first two or three years are essential, but care must continue afterwards, especially if the winter or summer weather has been inclement, killing some of the small plants.

Therefore it is advisable, in autumn, to aerate the turf, fertilize it and re-sow it; in the same way, this intervention will also be repeated at the end of winter. Re-sowing, aeration and fertilization are fundamental operations, especially important when the turf is newly planted, but also essential in subsequent years; It is clear that, with the passing of the years, our lawn will need more and more sporadic re-sowing and with little seed, more or less always the same fertilizations, and ever deeper aerating.

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