Bulbs and animals

Bulbs and animals

Question: Bulbs and animals

Help! I think I have a porcupine in the garden that night long ago raided all my bulbs. I found some of his quills in the garden. How can I discourage him from eating my flowers? It has an overwhelming strength, I have already tried with stones and fences but nothing, it digs non-stop until it bites the bulbs. I live in the province of Marzabotto (BO). Thanks a lot!

Answer: Bulbs and animals

Dear Gabriella,

porcupines are fairly large rodents, among the largest in Italy; they can reach 60-70 cm in length; they have a mainly nocturnal life, and are vegetarians, particularly greedy for tubers, bulbs and plant roots. However, they are protected animals, as they are almost in danger of extinction; so the only thing you can do is try to prevent them from reaching your garden. It is not a simple thing, as they are also excellent digging animals, and therefore you can try to enclose your flower beds, with a fence at least fifty centimeters high, which sinks into the ground for another twenty centimeters. You can also try ultrasonic repellents, although in many places, porcupines seem to cause no discomfort. In the Italian areas where there are many porcupines, the province or the associations of hunters “lend” small electrified fences free of charge, to be placed around the crops, and also in domestic gardens. Often these expedients are decisive, even if used for a short time. In fact, porcupines are animals that move a lot, covering up to a couple of kilometers a day; so it is enough to make them desist from their attacks on our garden for about a month; after this time, they will almost certainly have found another “pasture” area, leaving our garden undisturbed.

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