Beekeeping: Honey extraction

Beekeeping: Honey extraction

The honey extraction consists in the extraction of honey from the honeycombs, to carry out this operation in a comfortable way without having to brush the bees away from each frame, just insert the apiscampo after sunset making it fit perfectly between the melarium and the nest. After 36-48 hours the beetle can be completely removed without bees.
Once the honeycombs have been removed, that is, coated with a waterproof wax membrane, they are brought to a suitable room that complies with the hygiene standards according to law no. 283 of April 30, 1962 (and subsequent amendments and additions). Centrifugal honey extractors are divided into three models: tangential, radial and semi-radial.
On a professional level, the automatic uncapping bench is used by positioning the frames on a particular container which, by means of a grid, collects the opercula and drains the honey by centrifugal force in the underlying surface.
You can also use the uncapping knife (suitably heated) by moving it back and forth and from the bottom up.
The difference of the honey extractor models lies in the arrangement of the frames:

  • tangential: the frames are placed tangentially with respect to the rotation axis (rotation starts very slowly otherwise the frames break)
  • radial: the frames are arranged in a radial position to the rotation axis and in this model they are contained in a greater number than the previous one (rotation starts very slowly otherwise the frames break)
  • semiradiali: the frames can swing left and right and can turn over without the need to remove them (the frames must be inserted with the upper part towards the outside using the slight inclination of the cells).

At this point the honey is ready to be extracted and we proceed with the introduction of the frames in the honey extractor. Under the extractor outlet we will put a container with a sieve which will aim to retain wax residues, frame fragments, etc. ... then honey is poured from the container to the decanter.
The decanter, improperly called the ripener, is a stainless steel container suitable for containing food with a lid and a tap for cutting honey.
The honey is stored here for about 15-20 days pending the separation of any foreign bodies, after which during the transfer it is necessary to keep the jar as much as possible under the tap to prevent the honey from incorporating air.

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