Atlas of Pheasants: Argos of Borneo

Atlas of Pheasants: Argos of Borneo

Scientific classification - Argentine of Borneo

Kingdom: Animals
Phylum: Cordati
Subphylum: Vertebrates
Class: Birds
Order: Galliformi
Family: Phasianides
Genus: Argusianus
Species: A. grayi

ARgo del Borneo is a very rare phasianid in farms; it is an endemic species of Borneo, where it lives among the dense jungles.

Morphological characteristics

The male has a black tuft on the head, on the face has naked blue skin, the neck is reddish-yellow, the rest of the body tends to grayish with more metallic reflections than the greater Argus; the tail and the secondary remiges are adorned with ocelli. The female is substantially the same as the male but has a plumage with lighter shades and has no ocelli. Both sexes have a light ocher beak and legs and black eyes.


It has a mainly omnivorous diet, and in captivity it does not like, unlike the other kinds of phasianids, the mixtures of grains; like the Argo Maggiore, even off Borneo it can mate all year round and the female lays 2 eggs per brood.

Argo del Borneo (photo

Borneo Argo male (photo Fletcher Baylis

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