Potted zucchini

Potted zucchini

Question: can I move the zucchini?

hello, I have potted courgette plants I would like to plant them in the flowerbed where there were the peas, but I left their roots to fix the nitrogen, is it feasible? the peas, however, had a bit of powdery mildew put a little sulfur before planting the courgettes? waiting for your reply. Kind regards. Nadia

Potted Zucchini: Answer: Grow zucchini

Dear Nadia,

courgettes are plants that like to have a lot of space and large amounts of nitrogen, so I think the flowerbed in which you grew peas is the best choice; clear that, if the peas were sick, first you will need to disinfect the soil, to prevent it from containing spores of the powdery mildew that plagued the peas; this is also because zucchini generally tend to be particularly prone to powdery mildew, with those large wrinkled leaves. So, first do a soil treatment with sulfur, wait a few days, and then work the soil well in depth, turning it well, in order to completely bury the roots of the remaining peas. Only later can you transfer the zucchini you now have in pots. When transplanting, remember to be careful not to damage the root system of the zucchini; if possible, try to keep the plants well spaced, leaving each plant about one square meter of available soil. Water and then grow as usual; the nitrogen left by the bacteria present on the roots of peas will be of great help in growing beautiful large and turgid courgettes. To further prevent the reappearance of powdery mildew, avoid watering the zucchini by wetting the leaves; instead try to thoroughly water the soil at their feet. Generally in the vegetable garden, after having planted the courgettes, a small channel is made with the hoe, which reaches the base of the zucchini stem: when you water, use the channel to distribute the water between the various plants, without having to sprinkle it.

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