Atlas of Pheasants: Argo Maggiore

Atlas of Pheasants: Argo Maggiore

Scientific classification - Argo Maggiore

Kingdom: Animals
Phylum: Cordati
Subphylum: Vertebrates
Class: Birds
Order: Galliformi
Family: Phasianides
Genus: Argusianus
Species: A. argus

The most widespread of the Arghi, both in captivity and in nature, in spite of this there are still few farms compared to the other pheasant species. In nature it is endemic to the Malay Peninsula.

Morphological characteristics

The larger male Argus is the largest of the pheasants, reaching even more than 200 cm long, on the head it has a black tuft, on the sides of the face and on the neck it has blue bare skin and an overall gray-brown coloration, the tail and the secondary remiges (longer than the primary ones) are adorned with numerous ocelli, the female is much smaller and has a lighter color and is devoid of ocelli. The largest argon is the only galliforme not to be provided with the gland of the uropygium, that is the gland secreting the oily substance that birds use to sprinkle on feathers to keep them clean and waterproof. Both sexes complete the plumage in the third year, but reach sexual maturity between the fourth and fifth years. Her breeding is somewhat difficult as it suffers from low temperatures and the newborn chickens instead of pecking, want food directly from the mother's mouth.


Hardly observable in nature, in captivity it proves to be very docile and peaceful, both with people and with other animals, splendid is its wedding dance which can take place at any time of the year as well as mating and laying: the male first prepares the space where he intends to "perform" by cleaning and removing any obstacles, then proceeds with a series of shouts to call the female, after which he claps his paws on the ground, stretches his tail high and his wings forward showing the ocelli and hiding behind the head.

Reproduction: all year round;
Hatching: 25 days;
Number of eggs: 6 8 (2 for each brood);
Cohabitation - monogamy.

Argo Maggiore male - Argo Maggiore female with pullo (photo

Argo Maggiore female with male in wedding parade (photo

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