Question: lawn

when it's sunny can you water the lawn?

Answer: lawn

Dear Mario,

watering of the lawn should be provided early in the morning, or in the evening; this is because, especially in summer, if you water the turf at midday, with a scorching sun that warms it, and a torrid climate, essentially the water evaporates immediately due to the heat in the garden. So, on the one hand, your watering will hardly have carried out all its function effectively, as most of the water will evaporate, without wetting the soil; on the other hand, the evaporating water raises the humidity around the plants, but also raises the temperature, and if this is very high, it practically "boils" the young leaves of the turf seedlings. Sometimes it happens to see, especially in the flowerbeds of urban furniture, irrigation systems that are in action during the hottest hours of the day; but often this time choice is due to the fact that in a big city it is impossible to water all the flower beds at the same time, or the water demand would skyrocket. In addition to this, on some occasions, with very little rainfall, it happens to have to water a turf several times in a day, and therefore even in the middle of the day. Being able, in the garden of the house, it would be advisable to water it in the early morning hours, in summer, or when the climate is still cool; in order to leave the plants many hours to absorb the water, and so as to be able to thoroughly wet the soil with smaller quantities of water. If you really can't water in the morning, do it at night, even if, in summer, the lawn remains warm for many hours, even after the sun has gone down, and you would then go to wet a warm ground, with cold water, which plants don't like very much. In periods of the year not characterized by a very hot climate, you can water at any time of the day, but it would always be better to water early in the morning.

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