Garlic tablets

Garlic tablets

Garlic tablets

It can be very useful and interesting to find out everything about garlic in tablets, talk about its abilities, its properties, its benefits and everything that can be positively derived from its intake as well as the ailments that are counteracted thanks to its important principles.

Garlic in tablets is a pharmaceutical and medicinal product that can be found in all herbalists and some pharmacies. This product exploits the characteristic properties of the bulb to relieve or heal, associated with the actual primary care, certain and specific problems and ailments that may interest us.

What are the main properties of garlic and what are the benefits of its intake

The main properties of garlic, as well as the best known, are the bactericidal action (natural antibiotic that fights various infections), bacteriostatic and antifungal (that is, it fights fungi) and the reducing action on cholesterol and in favor of blood circulation and therefore of blood pressure.

Perhaps not everyone knows that garlic (Allium sativum of the Liliaceae family), in addition to being used in our kitchen to give our dishes a strong and penetrating flavor, is also used as an excellent remedy for various ailments. In fact, since ancient times it has been used as a remedy for many ailments, from the most trivial such as flu and colds, to the most serious such as oncological diseases.

Used and appreciated in herbal medicine, we can find it in powder, tablets, capsules, infusions or juices. Its consumption is able to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and regulate blood pressure. In medicine there are specific studies on how it is also effective in cancer therapies and in the prevention of neoplasms. Also useful as a natural remedy for colds and as an anti-depressant capable of soothing stress and anxiety. Very effective treatment against bacterial infections of various types. Thanks to the action of allicin, which prevents the action of platelet aggregation, garlic was also effective in the prevention of thrombosis. There are many ways to take garlic, from the most classic, as an edible food, to the most renowned, such as tablets.

Garlic tablets used for - garlic tablets">What are garlic tablets used for

The garlic tablets that we find on the market, are indicated in many circumstances, namely:

-when there is the need to stabilize blood pressure and blood circulation

- to manage small cardiovascular problems

-when problems arise related to the high level of cholesterol in the blood

- when the immune system needs to be restored to normal levels

- when you want to fight free radicals

- in the vermifuge treatment (i.e. that kills worms) and fungicide, to fight Candida and fungi that attack the skin

- in the treatment of coughs, colds and infections affecting the broncho-pulmonary tract, bronchitis, laryngitis, pneumonia

-in viral infections

It is very important to remember that the tablets we are talking about should always be taken exclusively under the advice or prescription, at certain times, when our immune system is weak or when we are struggling with the ailments described above or in moments of severe stress, anxiety, emotional disturbances and depression. Another useful curiosity, the tablets do not leave the annoying smell that accompanies us when using raw garlic, cooked or in other guises, leaving our breath unchanged.

The tablets are packaged with garlic powder extract and can be coated with a gastro-resistant film that keeps them fresh and in excellent conservation, therefore they must be stored in a cool and dry place away from humidity and heat. Inside there are two important active ingredients that are obtained from garlic powder, alliin and allicin, principles that guarantee the beneficial effects of the plant on our body.

When garlic tablets are not recommended and when they should be avoided

The studies carried out and the information received do not give us sufficient guarantee on the possible benefits and on the risk / benefit ratio that is achieved by using garlic in tablets in certain periods of life when the body is more delicate, therefore garlic in tablets it is not recommended during periods of pregnancy and lactation and in early childhood; it is also not recommended in subjects who have shown allergic reactions or intolerance to the ingredients since the body's response could cause reactions and even serious complications, skin rashes, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

If taken in high doses, garlic tablets can cause various disorders, gastritis, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea; let's also remember that it should not be administered if you are suffering from gastritis or peptic ulcer, or when the following therapies are in progress:



-vitamin A

- platelet aggregating agents

- antivirals for the treatment of HIV

- antithrombotics

- muscle relaxant and tocolytic drugs

-ACE inhibitors (treatment of hypertension)

For any other doubt, information or advice, or on the doses to be taken, the wisest thing to do is to contact your doctor or herbalist, who will be able to give you all the right indications and the necessary advice.

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