Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens

As small as our garden, it is possible to find infinite solutions to obtain a kitchenette and extend the summer indefinitely!

For all sizes

Even for those with only a few square meters available, in fact, there are extremely practical, functional, highly technological solutions that adapt to our outdoor spaces and our pockets, without forcing us to make those hateful shuttles between inside and outside, kitchen and diners. , often risking tripping, falling, and above all preventing us from fully enjoying the company of our guests. But thanks to the models on the market it is now possible to avoid all this and enrich our small garden while remaining an excellent host!

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Not just barbecue

When you think about 'eating outdoors', your thoughts immediately go there: sausages, hot dogs, chicken legs, vegetables: all washed down with delicious sauces, often accompanied by an enviable selection of beers and sugary drinks. It is the classic barbecue, imported from the American tradition and perfectly integrated with our gastronomic habits! But even the old 'fornacella' has undergone a significant evolution: in fact, there are light structures on the market such as barbecues, easy to transport around the garden, with a winking design and an eco-friendly heart, capable of cooking much more than a row of sausages! These are real outdoor kitchens, launched on the market by the major appliance companies, practical, functional, able even to blend in with our green corner, thanks to the presence of rooms that house plants and garden accessories. There are small, super compact ones, suitable for the needs of an average family, or with three or four burners, for those who have the habit of organizing large outdoor lunches with many guests. Often they are complemented by a tub for washing dishes, and compartments for storing dishes, pots and tablecloths. Partially demountable, they can be easily stored even in a closet. The costs are not very low, a high-level kitchen can exceed 2,000 euros, but the quality is guaranteed, the materials are first-rate, guaranteeing an investment that lasts over the years.

Mon amour masonry

If our garden has a small veranda area, usually, the solution to be preferred is always that of the built-in kitchen. Partially protected by a canopy, but in perfect connection with the outdoor space, the built-in kitchen, if built with care and elegance, can change the appearance of our garden, enriching it and transforming it into a real extension of our home, allowing us to extend the first, warm, spring afternoons indefinitely. If you are an expert in DIY, you can build it yourself, but it is always better to rely on a small trusted company, which will support us not only in the construction of the masonry, but above all in safely transporting electrical cables and pipes for the water discharge. In fact, these are structures that will be permanently placed outside our house, often in contact with atmospheric agents, even aggressive ones, so it is necessary that the work is done in complete safety for the guests of the house! The undisputed advantage of this type of kitchen lies in the fact that it can be completely customized: colors, taps, coatings, steels, decorations. Rustic or more modern, colored or camouflaged in greenery, our kitchen will respond exactly to our needs for space as well as aesthetics. If we choose to create a corner kitchen, we will need a smaller space, a tub with dish drainer, an area with burners, a small refrigerator, and usually a worktop large enough to prepare tasty dishes will be sufficient. For those with a passion for pizza - and there are many of them - the oven is also essential. Whether cooked in an electric or wood-fired oven, pizza represents a moment of celebration and joy and is always a quick and practical solution to bring many guests together without having to rack their brains on what to cook again to please young and old. In order to be weatherproof, the built-in kitchen must be made with top quality materials: laminated steel, stoneware, rainproof and UV-proof coatings; costs can vary from 1,500 to 2,500 euros, but as we said, to the advantage of absolute customization.

Easier with the prefab

If tiles and coverings are not our passion, in outdoor furniture shops it is possible to find prefabricated kitchens that are also very nice and at affordable prices: usually no more than 1,000 euros. They are prefabricated and pre-fitted structures, they have all the practicality of the 'turnkey'. They are usually made on the basis of a project provided by the customer and agreed with the seller, and are delivered ready to be laid on the ground with a few quick operations that require little use of manpower. Only partially customizable, they offer everything you need in a traditional kitchen: stove, sink, waste containers, space needed to safely store all accessories. Often equipped with wooden or metal canopies, they combine well with any type of outdoor furniture and are often equipped with a pizza oven (wood or electric), woodshed, barbecue, rotisserie and everything else that can make our stay more pleasant. outdoors. They can also be found online at advantageous prices, but it will be necessary to consider a higher amount for transport and above all be sure to have relied on a serious retailer who will send us a product that complies with our order.

Garden furniture: The materials for outdoor kitchens

The garden kitchens there are many on the market and are mainly classified according to size.

We therefore find basic and complete projects depending on the elements of which these kitchens are composed.

But as for the materials they are made of, most of them are made of steel.

the reasons are easily understood.

Steel is resistant, washable and integrates very well into any furnishing project because it can be customized.

It is a very solid material, impact resistant, easy to clean and above all suitable for the external environment.

The outdoor furniture accessories, in fact, must have solidity and resistance as their main characteristics.

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