Breeds of canaries: Italian Giant Curl

Breeds of canaries: Italian Giant Curl

Origin: Italy.

A very recent breed, the Italian Giant Curl, known to all with the diminutive of AGI, was recognized as a breed in 1995. This particular curled canary descends from the Milanese canary (a breed that has never obtained recognition).
This canary has created many difficulties for international judges, because in the years of its recognition it provoked several discussions among all breeders.
It is not a very easy breed to breed, since it does not reproduce very easily. It therefore remains a breed suitable only for experts in the sector.

Standard C.O.M.


Cut it: minimum length cm. 21, shape proportionate to the length of the subject Points 10.

Habit: haughty and majestic, with tail aligned to the trunk or slightly falling, angle on the horizontal axis of 60 ° Points 5.

Plumage: soft and fine, very voluminous, composed. All colors allowed. Points 10.

Cloaks and Bunches: epaulettes with wide, long, very extended feathers giving a harmonious and very fluffy curl. THE PINK STRAPS form a corolla with feathers falling forward and on the sides, departing from a central area of ​​the back. The bunch of the rump and that of the hips complete the coat and must be fluffy. 10 points.

Hips: well developed, curved upwards without sagging. vaporously approaching the wings and symmetrical Points 15.

Harness and Abdomen: in the bib, the feathers, from the sides, converge towards the top forming a fan and closing in the proximal area to the collar, without giving rise to cavities. In the abdomen the feathers tend upwards to join with the bib, without determining voids. Laddome shows a very rough surface 10 points.

Head, Neck and Lapel ; The cap head, total or partial, originates from the raised collar which is a very important and characteristic feature of the A.G.I. The head must be round and very voluminous - BAVERO RAISED in its front part blends harmoniously with the feathers of the neck shaped like a GUTTER. The head must have a conical beak with a broad base, neck with feathers directed upwards which in the back, in the region interesting the nape, form the RAISED BAVERO 15 points.

Ali: regular and powerful, non-falling and well-embraced. A slight overlap of the points Points 5 is allowed.

Lower limbs: large and robust legs, guaranteeing a good grip on the perch. Nails twisted or tending to twist Points 5.

Tail: homogeneous, robust, with square ends, very long and straight helmsman. Sopraccoda with numerous long and sickle-shaped cock feathers and well-collected and consistent undertail Points 10.

Conditions: good health, cleanliness, alert temperament Points 5.

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