Events March 2013

Events March 2013

10 March Grow the vegetable garden at home

Cultivating a vegetable garden at home: here's how

Sunday 10 March in the botanical garden of Castello Quistini to learn how to cultivate the vegetable garden.

The botanical workshop of Castello Quistini is planning a new course dedicated to gardening, this time with Angelo Sala, an expert in horticulture from our province, who in an afternoon meeting scheduled for Sunday 10 March will illustrate the correct techniques to learn how to cultivate a vegetable garden indoors or on your balcony or terrace.

The topics covered include the lunar calendar and limb planning, soils, seeds, sowing, the main tools to be used, the main varieties and their characteristics, the most particular periods and varieties, how to make a home seedbed , the main home treatments and the correct irrigation to maintain the correct balance of water contents in the plant. The meeting also wants to underline the importance of some practices that are no longer in use such as the conservation of seeds, and intends to demonstrate that any terrace can be transformed into a splendid vegetable garden according to organic horticulture techniques.

The course is scheduled for Sunday 10 March from 14.00 to 17.00 and will be held in Castello Quistini, a residence with a botanical garden and rose nursery in Rovato, in the province of Brescia.

The registration fee is € 40.00 and to register you must fill out the form on the course page on the Officina botanica website ( By registering for the course you will receive a free admission ticket valid for two people to visit the gardens of Castello Quistini on the occasion of the May blooms. Angelo Sala, instructor of the course, is the owner of the homonymous Ortofloricola Farm in Pontevico, in the province of Brescia.

To keep up to date with the courses organized by Officina botanica and Castello Quistini, you must subscribe to the Castello Quistini newsletter at this address:

Information and registration:

[email protected]

Tel +39 339 1351913

15-17 March VerdeFirenze

From 15 to 17 March in Florence - at the Arsenale pavilion of the

Fortezza da Basso - spring comes earlier than the first

edition of VerdeFirenze, an exhibition market that with its 3000 square meters

exhibition aims to become the meeting point par excellence

among the operators interested in appearing or consolidating the

its presence on the central Italian market, fans of

sector and all those who find in the "green" a way to relax

and use your free time.

The exhibition is open to everyone: even enthusiasts and collectors

more demanding ones will be able to "find" products, plants and a vast choice

of ideas to admire and bring to! home.

All major categories of plants will be represented, from

fruit and indoor plants to bonsai and orchids. In addition to

offers from the best nurserymen, VerdeFirenze will also present furniture from

garden, organic products, spices, themed objects and publishing


Collateral to the exhibition market, a series of initiatives that

will offer visitors new age spaces and a musical performance that

it will be made with “budding talents”.

Interested companies, operators and enthusiasts can

find more information on VerdeFirenze by visiting the website

internet or by contacting the organizing secretariat

of the event ([email protected] - ​​[email protected]).

20-24 March Camellias in bloom

The triumph of the Camellias in Locarno: the city will host, from 20 to 24 March 2013, the 16th edition of the traditional event that combines the passion for the flower of Asian origin with the rich botanical contents of the Park.

From 20 to 24 March 2013 Locarno will once again be transformed into the "Land of Eternal Spring", just like Yunnan, a Chinese province which is one of the places of origin of the camellia. From the Asian highlands to the shores of Lake Maggiore, for the 16th time “Locarno Camelie” will dress the city with the colorful and precious dresses of the party. Locarno thus returns to being the queen of camellias for specialists and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Awarded with the prestigious international award "Garden of Excellence" since 2010, the Camellia Park - which saw the light in 2005 at the World Congress of the International Camellia Society (ICS) - is the ideal context in which the event dedicated to the delicate flower. Locarno, the seat of the Swiss Camellia Society, is in fact the Swiss town where the passion for camellia has found its most fertile ground for over a hundred years. The mild and sunny climate has led the town overlooking Lake Maggiore, with its public and private gardens, to become the ideal home for various plants of subtropical origins. Among these, the camellia stands out for its number and variety. Over the years, the Camellia Park has been progressively expanded to become the largest of its kind in Europe. The structure covers an area of ​​over 10'000 square meters and welcomes a thousand varieties of plants, planted among ponds and romantic avenues, becoming over time a real attraction for enthusiasts from all over the world.

However, the "Locarno Camelie" event does not limit itself to offering fertile ground for botany enthusiasts: in addition to the exhibition, the exhibition will give life to other interesting moments of entertainment, in particular the Concert of the Camellias, which will take place in the hall of the Sopracenerina in Piazza Grande in Locarno. The appointment with chamber music is for Friday 22 March, at 8.30 pm (admission CHF 28 .--; CHF 10 for students).

Locarno Camelie is held at the Parco delle Camelie in Locarno - on the lakefront, in viale Respini - from Wednesday 20 to Sunday 24 March 2013.

The exhibition will remain open at the following times: Wednesday - Sunday from 9.30 to 18.00. For more information on the event and the region, you can contact the Lago Maggiore Tourist Office at [email protected], on the phone number +41 (0) 848 091 091 or visit the website www.ascona- and related social networks (Facebook: Ascona-Locarno Turismo / Twitter: @asconalocarno).

22-24 March Creative World in Bologna

In spring, the Green in Mondo Creativo blooms

The Creative World is the exhibition entirely dedicated to creativity and do-it-yourself organized by BolognaFiere and now in its twelfth edition. The event takes place twice a year: the Autumn Edition in November, while the Spring Edition in March.

The Autumn 2012 edition was an opportunity to create new outlets and development opportunities for companies operating in the creativity sector, looking out onto new market segments and creating new business opportunities, recording an increase in visitors

equal to 35%. The novelty of the Spring 2013 edition which will take place from 22 to 24 March will be the Garden & Green area: a special space dedicated to greenery, from the balcony to the garden, to the vegetable garden, to floral decoration for the table and for the home and for events, which will anticipate the

industry trends, and where it will be possible to admire and purchase products related to

gardening, horticulture and floral composition and decoration.

There will be small themed workshops, designed to learn about plants and flowers, to design small garden or terrace spaces, to match shapes and colors; a particular eye will be dedicated to teaching for children and the citizen's relationship with urban greenery.

The high quality of the exhibited products, the courses, the demonstrations and the collateral events in the program enjoy a good resonance even outside the exhibition spaces, attracting the attention of the national media and the public.

Bologna exhibition center

March 24 Quistini Castle

Wild herbs: weeds that are good to eat

On Sunday 24 March the botanical workshop of Castello Quistini in Brescia organizes a short course to know and recognize the main weeds present in nature to learn how to use them as medicinal herbs and in the kitchen.

Not all "weeds" are to be thrown away, some herbs called "weeds" can be used like other wild herbs in the kitchen to prepare tasty and unusual dishes, for healthy herbal teas or beneficial baths, the important thing is to know how to recognize them.

On Sunday 24th March from 14.00 to 18.00 there will be a course on the recognition of spontaneous plants and herbs, some of their uses in the kitchen and the different phytotherapeutic uses.

In nature there is, for example, the "Centocchio", also known as "Paerina", a herbaceous practically everywhere in our country and defined as a weed, it can be used against itching and eczema and is also indicated for disorders such as bronchitis.

Another example of a weed is the "Jerusalem artichoke", whose tuber can be used in salads or added to soups and can be used freely by diabetics as they do not contain glucose.

Without neglecting the best known as the "Nettle", which can be used as an infusion or decoction, has great diuretic and purifying properties, as well as being rich in proteins, vitamins, enzymes, and mineral salts. In the kitchen it can be used as cooked vegetables, in soups, risottos and raw in mixed salads.

The theoretical and practical course will allow you to know and recognize the main varieties of weeds commonly found in all gardens and lawns.

Marilena Pinti, naturopath and expert in wild herbs, has been running a farm in Sarezzo for 24 years. She specializes in the properties of wild herbs, their uses in cooking or in personal care.

Information and registration:

[email protected]

Tel +39 339 1351913

March 23-24 It's time to plant it!

'It's time to plant it!' 2013

Preparations begin for the 2013 edition of the exhibition - market which, for some years now, has been held at our nursery in the days of the spring equinox.

There will be nurseries from all over the national territory with their collections and news for spring 2013: pelargonium, orchids, roses, perennial herbaceous, aromatic and medicinal plants, climbing plants, citrus fruits, fruit trees, camellias, rhododendrons and many other acidophilic plants, without forget our hydrangeas.

23-24 March 2013

Admission is free and the event, which has grown over the years both in terms of nurseries present and the number of visitors, has proved to be a good opportunity to exchange impressions of the garden that wakes up from winter sleep: all in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


Via di Scandicci, 265 50143 Florence

Tel / fax 055715885

e-mail: [email protected]


15-17 March Ligurian agri-food exhibition



The Ligurian Agri-food Show, an event dedicated to quality agri-food products made in Liguria, which will be held from 15 to 17 March in Finale Ligure, is nine years old.

The public can visit the Salone for free from 3 to 8 pm on Friday March 15th and from 10 am to 8 pm on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th.

Registration is open for guided tastings, workshops and courses that will be held over the three days (for information and reservations, contact the Organizing Secretariat: tel. 019/6898607, [email protected]).

The "Largo delle Bontà" will offer the tasting of specialties of traditional Ligurian cuisine, such as farinata, "panissa", savory pies, classic focaccia and focaccia di Recco.

You can taste and buy hundreds of products, including: oil, wine with a protected designation of origin of Liguria, jams, jellies, classic focaccia, focaccia with Recco cheese, typical sweets (Genoese pandolce, Finale chifferi, chestnut sweets , Baci di Alassio, Amaretti di Sassello, candied fruit, chocolate, stroscia cake), cheeses, meats, honey, typical products (pesto, walnut sauce and other Ligurian sauces, pickled olives, pate, Easter cake and more), asparagus violet of Albenga, liqueurs, beer, jams, milk and derivatives, Millesimo truffles, Vessalico garlic, salted anchovies, Pigna beans, Conio and Badalucco, farinata, rose syrup, flour, basil, saffron bread, Ligurian saffron, chinotto, aromatic herbs, potted and cut plants and flowers, mushrooms, pasta, and much more.

The Exhibition is promoted by the Liguria Region, the Ligurian Unioncamere, the Province of Savona, the Savona Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Finale Ligure.

23 and 24 March FAI Spring Day

the 21st edition of FAI Spring Day will be held on 23 and 24 March, the most important event of the FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano. We write to you trusting in the help you can give us in spreading the initiative to your users: together with us you can bring many people closer to the beauties - often hidden - of our heritage of art and nature, unique in the world!

On these special days, in fact, it will be possible to visit 700 places of cultural, artistic and landscape interest throughout Italy, open thanks to the commitment of our volunteers. A truly unique opportunity because many of these places remain inaccessible for the rest of the year.

To promote the initiative this year we launched the contest "Spring Stories. Three endings in search of an author ": the user will be able to test their talent by completing the story started by famous writers such as Sandrone Dazieri (mystery genre), Paolo Ruffini (comic-satirical genre) and Ivan Cotroneo (fiction genre), telling the ending in 140 characters including the word 'spring'. The competition, launched on March 5, will close on March 31, 2013 and will award the first 3 winners of each incipit, for a total of 9 winners, with weekends throughout Italy. Below you can find the link with more information:

Flor Art March 16-17

Flor Art in Padua

From the landscapes of Cima da Conegliano to the great cycle of Giotto.

In the heart of Padua, near the Scrovegni Chapel, the second edition of FlorArt. The great exhibition of horticulture and quality craftsmanship which, at the first edition, amazed over 5,000 visitors.

For access, we recommend the Park Padova Centro car park, 200 meters from the exhibition areas and to which you can take advantage of the free transport service for your purchases.

FlorArt then in Padua, in a large city, which knows the language of beauty and quality thoroughly. A city that boasts remarkable records on horticulture. The Botanical Garden, the oldest university garden in the world; a trade fair, the Flormart at PadovaFiere, which is the largest professional exhibition in the green sector and has reached its 64th edition this year; an appreciated and world-famous nursery district and, finally, a small pearl: the Rose Garden of Santa Giustina, near the Basilica of the same name.

In terms of exhibitions, Verdecasa should still be mentioned, at the Padua Fair, on the same dates as FlorArt (with the addition of Friday 15 March). We have chosen to match the dates to multiply interest in the event with a stronger advertising campaign and with a series of benefits that involve both exhibitors and visitors. I list two of the most important. Exhibitors wishing to participate in both events would receive a significant discount from both FlorArt and Verdecasa. For visitors, entry to one of the two events entitles you to a coupon for admission to the other with a discount that exceeds 70% of the ticket.

Other synergies are being studied for an event that promises to be of great depth, level and participation.

An exhibition market in the city involves residents, traders, professionals who live in those places. The relationship with them is therefore strong, in particular through Borgo Altinate, the Association that represents them. With them we will organize "Flowers and colors in Borgo Altinate - third edition", an ex tempore watercolor competition open to all.

FlorArt will therefore be two days of shopping, exhibitions and celebrations in a large city context and with many proposals in the name of beauty.

Padua, December 2012

Organizational secretariat:

Studio Lavia, Piazzetta S. Michele 5/1, 35122, Padua

tel: 049 8364188

fax: 049 659378

Rosanna Fiorio 348 3194688

Francesco Nosella 348 2628177

Events March 2013: Verdecasa March 15-17, Padua

The sixth edition of Verdecasa, a fair dedicated exclusively to flowers, plants and the hobby garden, will be held from 16 to 17 March. The program, very intense and inviting, can be read at this address:

Video: EventOracle - Event Time lapse - March 2013 (October 2021).