Breeds of canaries: Columbus

Breeds of canaries: Columbus

Origin: USA

Breed created from the thirties of the twentieth century. Originally from Columbus in the state of Ohio. This particular canary is not bred in Europe and is little known outside its native country. As in many other breeds, the smooth-headed variety also exists in this breed, which must necessarily be coupled with the tufted-headed variety, since lomozygosity in this character is almost always lethal. In Europe the breed is not even recognized by the breeders' federations.

Rich, bright, uniform

Each part of it is short and stocky, including beak. tuft that fades back into the feathers of the nape.

Soft, tight, natural color.

Wings and Tail: Short, compact and well worn.

Cut it:
14-16 cm.

Short, robust and backward.

No particular indication.

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