Breeds of canaries: Fiorino

Breeds of canaries: Fiorino

Origin: Florence, Italy.

Very recent canary. One of the 4 Italian breeds. The breed obtained the official recognition of the Federation of Italian Farmers in 1985. International officialization came four years later. The breed was born by the will of Professor Umberto Zingoni, a well-known canariculture expert and international judge of curled canaries. The Fiorino comes from the Northern Curl, to which the tuft character has been added. The breed was named after the ancient coin of the city of Florence.

Standard C.O.M.

Cut it: full form, length 13 cm. , fine lower length, perfect proportions 15 points.

Habit: erect; head, trunk and tail in line; horizontal angle of 55 ° Points 10.

Plumage: silky, voluminous, composed; smooth abdomen; all colors allowed Points 10.

Shoulder pads: well divided, symmetrical, voluminous (thick, wide and extended to the whole back) Points 10.

Hips: voluminous (thick and wide), supported, symmetrical, curved upwards until they go beyond the edge of the shoulder straps. Points 10.

Jabot: solid, symmetrical, well-marked, without upper cavity Points 10.

Head and neck; Ciuffato: complete forelock, well centered and symmetrical which lets you see the eye.
Smooth Head: round head, hinted eyebrows, smooth neck, well detached from head and jabot. Points 15.

Ali: regular (complete with intact, normally developed and hawksbone feathers), well worn (adhering to the body, neither falling nor crossing) Points 5.

Lower limbs: in good extension, tarsi, strong and regular fingers and nails Points 5.

Tail: straight, compact, homogeneous, short and narrow; cock feathers allowed Points 5.

Conditions: Cleanliness, liveliness, state of health Points 5.

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