Times sprouts

Times sprouts

Question: timing sprouts

I sowed a weed meadow in early March. When should it sprout? because I still don't see anything

Answer: timing sprouts

Dear Paolo,

the weed is gaining ground in Italy as a turf essence, as the lawns prepared with this plant are low maintenance, and being one of the most feared weeds, placing it in the lawn avoids having to fight against one of the worst existing weeds; However, the weed has defects, for example it does not like the cold climate, and therefore tends to develop better in central and southern Italy, and to disappear almost completely in winter in the regions of northern Italy. Fortunately, there are seeds of particular varieties of weeds on the market, particularly resistant to cold, although in fact right now it is not a grass essence that I would use, for example, in Milan. This particular sensitivity to cold is felt even at the time of sowing, if in fact a common mixture of lawn seeds can be sown already at the end of winter, for the weed it is good to wait for spring, otherwise instead of the classic 7-10 days of waiting for the germination of the seeds, we will have to wait for the night lows to rise. Unfortunately, March 2013 was a terrible month for gardeners and gardening enthusiasts: in many regions the climate was that of November, with night lows even close to zero; so unfortunately before your seeds decide to germinate you will have to wait for the climate to actually become spring, and not a substitute for autumn as it happened a few days ago. I remind you that, although the weed is a low maintenance essence, to get a beautiful, compact and resistant weed grass, you need to do things right; first of all you have to choose a variety suitable for the area where the lawn will be located, in order to avoid that during the winter months there are gaps in the lawn. Afterwards, it is essential to prepare a soil that is very well drained, or you risk that the seedlings get sick and develop poorly; usually, in areas with very clayey or very compact soils, the first 20 cm of substrate are prepared, placing at the base of porous soil, enriched with pumice stone and perlite, and above the soil with finer grain size, but always soft and well draining . In the first weeks after sowing it is essential to ensure that the soil remains moist enough, to better promote the development of young plants. As soon as the seedlings are at least 15-20 cm high, it is advisable to cut the lawn, in order to favor the lateral development of each single plant, and a compact texture of the turf. Once the lawn is dense and lush, then the seedlings will have sufficient root system to be able to develop without our constant help, even if a fertilizer at least once a year never hurts.

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