Breeds of canaries: Malinois Waterslager

Breeds of canaries: Malinois Waterslager

Origin and history

Origin: Belgium.

The Malinois Waterslager or simply Malinois is a breed of singing canary native to Belgium, where it was used by miners in tunnels to identify any gas leaks.
It is assumed that its initial selection was made by some breeders from Flanders. The Dorigo crosses were probably made between some German canaries and the Dutch canary. The first breed club was founded in the year 1872 in the city of Antwerp.

Malinois Waterslager (photo

Morphological characteristics

Measuring up to 16 cm in length, the predominant color is yellow (intense in males, frosty in females) but greenish patches may be present on the head. Easy to breed canary. It is a robust bird and an excellent breeder.

Singing and melodies

The song is strong and harmonious, sung with an open beak, characterized by interrupted periods: it counts tones that vary from the flow of the water (by virtue of the use made of it: the birds in the mine heard and imitated above all the sound of the water dripping; waterslager means own sounds of water) to the songs of the nightingale, passing through the rolled notes.
The malinois is able to intone 13 different melodies:

  • Bellen
  • Bellrol
  • Bollende
  • Chorr and Knorr
  • Fluiten
  • Fluitrol
  • Klokkende
  • Onvorzieene toen (unexpected sentences)
  • Rolling
  • Schokkel and Waterschokkel
  • Staaltonen
  • Tjokken and Tjokkenrol
  • woeten

Due to the wide and demanding range of sounds emitted, young malinois need three stages of learning to sing: habituation, improvement, listening.

Video: chant canari malinois;canto canario malinois;تغريد كناري مالينوا (September 2021).