Breeds of canaries: Japan Hoso

Breeds of canaries: Japan Hoso

As much as possible in a semicircle, head carried forward, over the shoulders.

Cylindrical, narrow, long and thin, the impression is that of length despite the small size. Smooth and snug plumage.

Shoulders and body:
Narrow shoulders, almost invisible. Long tapered body, imperceptible wing attack. Absolute absence of angle between neck and shoulders.

Cut it:
About cm. 11

Head and neck:
Small, serpentine head, oval in shape. Neck very long and thin but which continues the line of the body.

Maximum hygiene and cleanliness, bright plumage.

Narrow, united, carried steadily on the perch.

Video: japan hoso champion 2009 makis theotokatos ALOP (September 2021).