Breeds of canaries: Munchener

Breeds of canaries: Munchener

Origin: Germany.

The selection of this breed originates from the Belgian Bossu.
This breed is widespread and selected almost exclusively in its native country. It is very rare to see specimens of this canary outside of Germany. Although this bird has many affinities with the Scotch breed, it has found less success, perhaps due to its very different bearing. This breed can show itself in all varieties of color.

Head / neck / back line slightly curved.

Head and Neck:
Very small head, long and narrow neck.

Chest, Shoulders, Wings:
Narrow and rounded chest, shoulders as narrow as possible, long and well-fitting wings.

Long and narrow.

Long and slightly curved.

Plumage and Color:
Smooth plumage.

No indication. Free interpretation of the judge.

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