Breeds of canaries: Llarguet

Breeds of canaries: Llarguet

Points 20 - Long, cylindrical, fine. Tight, slender chest without excessive roundness. Narrow back, slender and without roundness.

Points 20 - Erect.

Head and Neck:
Points 10 - small head, oval in shape, with conical and proportioned beak. Medium, narrow neck that separates the head from the body.

Cut it:
Points 15 - Presumed minimum length 17 cm.

Wings and Tail:
Points 15 - Very long wings, close to the body, without crossing. Very long, narrow tail ending in M.

Points 10 - Short, smooth, compact, close to the body. Uniform or piebald color, artificial red coloring is allowed.

Points 5 - Long elbows, with visible shins and covered with small feathers.

Points 5 - Maximum cleaning, peace of mind in a cage.

The display cage is the domed one, with a single perch placed in the center and at the top, with a diameter of mm. 12, slightly rounded at the top.

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