Kiwi flowers

Kiwi flowers

Question: kiwi flowers

I have five kiwi plants, one male and four females after 5 years still do not bear fruit the flowers look the same to me among other things after a few days I lose them, how can I reconvert the male flower from the female flower? waiting for your kind reply thank you , greetings Giacomo Saiu

Answer: kiwi flowers

Dear Giacomo,

the female and male flowers of kiwi are very similar, they are white or cream, with a golden center, not particularly decorative; the female ones are more grades, and the plant produces fewer, gathered in clusters of 4 or 5 flowers, with the clusters quite spaced between them; the male flowers are smaller and gathered in large clusters, with up to 10 flowers. The reason why the flowers do not attach could be various, the first of all is that in the nursery they were wrong, and you brought home only female plants: unfortunately it happens, consider that in the nursery the plants arrive without flowers, and sometimes without leaves, therefore unrecognizable, with only a tiny plate defining their sex (in a nursery where I was nanny years ago they had the labels of two shades of blue, light for the female flats and dark for the male flats). If that's your problem, look for a male plant and you will have plenty of kiwifruit on your plants next year. Another problem is related to fertilization: kiwi plants are very vigorous climbers, if they find nitrogen in the soil, they tend to produce a lot of vegetation but they give up on completing the fruits, because it is as if they decided to engage in a one thing rather than the other; the fertilizations for the kiwis must be done in autumn with some manure, then in winter and in late summer with slow release granular fertilizers, rich in phosphorus and potassium, but with little nitrogen. Other reasons for the fall of the flowers can then be various: excessive drought during the flowering period, or even on the contrary a soil that remains moist and soaked in water for a long time; or a decidedly very cold climate, which ruined the flowers; young age of the plants: kiwis usually bear fruit after a few years, but a non-ideal soil, incorrect exposure, imprecise cultivation treatments, can lengthen waiting times, because the plants take up to 4 or 5 years to develop sufficiently in order to then bear fruit. Even the total absence of fertilizer can discourage plants from bearing fruit; o problems related to the soil or exposure: kiwis love well-lit but not excessively sunny positions, it is good to choose an area where they can enjoy direct sun in the early morning, and not in the afternoon or evening, when the sun is very hot. They need regular watering, with soil that is always fresh, but not completely soaked with water. In order to bear fruit, plants must be in full health, and have excess energy that can be used in fruit production.

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