Breeds of canaries: Salentino

Breeds of canaries: Salentino

Origin and history

Origin: Italy.

Officially recognized nationally in 2010. Lorigine on a cross between a German tufted male and a Belgian bossu female, used almost casually for the purpose of acting as a nurse to other subjects; but some subjects were born that we had interesting characteristics that had the hunchback and the forelock, made us think of a new breed, which is why we began to select the forelock, the shape and the size, that is, the more hump and small subjects are paired more there will be equality in the offspring. With years of selection it has been possible to arrive at the current new breed of shape and smooth position, which is one of the new breeds with unique typical characteristics that clearly distinguish it from all the others.

Salentino (photo

Standard F.O.I.

25 points - The neck, shoulder and back must form a right angle. The back descends perpendicular to the perch forming a straight line that begins with the carpus, not very evident and ends with the tip of the tail. The semi-rigid legs slightly inclined.

Body shape:
20 points - Flattened in the chest, which will not have prominence. The tail will end with a slight swallow-like opening).

Cut it:
20 points - Small, the ideal size 12.5 cm tending to small.

Tuft Head:
15 points - Tuft centered and perfectly spread on the small oval head.

10 points - Smooth and lipochromic plumage, only one mottling in the tuft allowed, red color (strongly recommended).

5 points - Healthy legs, mediamene long with tarsus and thin fingers.

5 points - Clean, cheerful and lively with a lively eye.

Video: AGI Canaries Females n 30 - 29 2017. All. Antonio De Paolis (September 2021).