Breeds of dogs: Spanish Great Dane

Breeds of dogs: Spanish Great Dane

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Spain.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

Breed totally disappeared. The little documentation we have dates back to the period immediately after the First World War. Many data allow us to consider this ancient breed as a breed of great value. Its origin is doubtful, but it is assumed that it arrived in the Iberian Peninsula in the fifth century, during the invasions of the barbarian peoples, before the arrival of the Romans. Today there are always those who, imaginatively, admit that some specimens still live, without however bringing evidence of its real existence. It is more realistic to say that this breed has been replaced with the "Canary Island Perro". There are also photographic documents of a champion named "Cazalla" owned by the Duke of AriĆ²n.

General aspect

LAlano Spagnolo is a dog of considerable size. It had a lot in common with our current European Molossians. He was a hunting dog for large game, with little sense of smell but was endowed with great courage, endurance and great physical strength. It was also used by the Conquistadores for a much sadder use: the killing of the Indians during the period of conquest of the New World.


From the documentation and the stories, it is said that he was a very intelligent and very brave dog. He was fearless in hunting and protecting property. He was a typical hunter with strong jaws. In its aspect, the breed that most of all remembers it is the "Argentine Dogo". His proverbial courage was confirmed when he was employed in hard fighting with bulls, in which he distinguished himself above all other breeds. It was also used considerably in night hunting.

Great Dane (photo

Great Dane (photo



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