Breeds of dogs: American Bulldog

Breeds of dogs: American Bulldog

Origin, classification and history

Origin: USA.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

The American Bulldog descends from the ancient Molossians also used by the ancient Romans in combat. It was forged by molossoids which until the eighteenth century were indistinctly called "Bulldog". Originally, in Britain, the Bulldogs were used to guard cattle and to guard private property. The ancient breed was also used in hard fighting against bulls and between dogs of different breeds, until they were prohibited. From 1835 the original type of B. disappeared and was replaced by a less athletic dog, now known as the "English Bulldog". However, the original Bulldog has been preserved by immigrants who brought their dogs with them to the American continent. After the Second World War there were few specimens left, but the breed was reconsidered thanks to the work done by some great breeders. The breed is currently recognized by the following associations: ABA, ARF, UKC, NKC, NABA, ARBA, JDJB, ABCC, AABC, NKC, CKC, OREBA, OPEN.

General aspect

Medium sized dog. It is a dog that gives the impression of great power and dynamism. Great strength. Breed with a solid construction, very muscular, but at the same time very agile and quick. Pretty elegant in bearing and very attentive to everything around him. His expression is firm and serious. Well placed and robust breed. Much more agile and much more dynamic than his English "relative". It has a square head with fair cheeks and a groove between the eyes. It has a very well-shaped musculature.


He must never prove excessively shy or aggressive towards man. In America he is known for the multiple acts of heroism towards the master. It is a breed that has excellent intelligence, as a result it knows how to be very obedient and is a fairly well trainable breed. If well accustomed it does not give any kind of problem to live in the apartment and in continuous contact with the family. It has a strong protective instinct. It is a breed that requires moderate daily movement.

American Bulldog (photo Brett Staniforth)

American Bulldog (photo

American Bulldog (photo


The American Bulldog Standard is not recognized by the International Cynotechnics Federation (F.C.I.). the breed is recognized by the U.K.C.

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