Introduction to annual and biennial plants

Introduction to annual and biennial plants

Annual plants have a limited and short lifespan, but they also have great appeal. Together with these we also count the biennial ones, which are generally chosen to be grown in pots. The care of the latter does not require particular precautions but they show different flowering characteristics during the first crop year.

In any case, most of the annual and biennial plants are cultivated only to be able to enjoy their blooms and of great visual impact and lasting over time. Depending on the posture they are divided into bushy, erect, ground cover, drooping and even climbing.

The choice of an annual plant is not easy and will have to be evaluated very carefully, always taking into account the size and the place where it will be placed.

The difference between annual and biennial plants essentially consists in the fact that the former are sown, bloom and die within a year of their birth. The biennial ones, on the other hand, are able to withstand the frost and low temperatures of the winter season, to flower in the following year. Having said that, however, it should be emphasized that biennial plants are treated in the same way as annual ones, since they can only be bought already developed and only ready to bloom and then changed just after the end of their life cycle. Nothing prevents you from choosing to sow the biennial essences directly in pots and wait for flowering for the following crop year.

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