Storage and storage of the bulbs

Storage and storage of the bulbs

Bulbous plants are often placed as temporary fillers for flower beds and borders, so they should be left in the ground for a limited period of time. When their leaves begin to turn yellow, about 4-6 weeks after flowering, they need to be uprooted from the ground for their conservation. First of all the bulbs must be cleaned, removing the earth, the external coatings and the dry leaves, taking care to completely eliminate the damaged or diseased bulbs.

Then you will have to place them on an iron mesh grate so that they dry for at least one night and finally dust them with a fungicide. The final step will be to put them in a paper bag, to keep them in a cool and dry place until the next transplant.

Bulbous plants can still be removed from the ground during the growing season. In this case, uproot the plant after flowering and place it in the nursery until the leaves wither, then proceed as described.

Some bulbous plants, such as lily, do not grow if they are left to dry out during dormancy, so in this case they will need to remain immersed in pots placed in a cold place during dormancy and repotted in fresh soil in spring.

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