Dog breeds: Bedlington Terrier

Dog breeds: Bedlington Terrier

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Great Britain.
F.C.I classification: Group 3 - terriers.

Its particular name derives from the village of Bedlington, in the county of Northumberland. Over the years it has been understood, however, that this breed is not entirely native to that place. There are numerous opinions on its origins. Some scholars think that the first subjects were imported from Holland by weavers in the late eighteenth century. It is known for certain that the origin cradle of this breed is northern England, on the border with Scotland.
It is also certain by now that one of his progenitors was undoubtedly the "Dandie Dinmont" raised by the Duke of Antrim. Gradually, with the passing of the decades the spread of Bedlington increased, especially among the miners of those areas. It was mainly used for hunting hares, rabbits and also for racing. This breed first debuted in Bedlington, at the dog show in 1870. The founding of the first club dates back to this period.

General aspect

Dog of elegant appearance, dolichomorphic dolichocephalus. Its morphological classification is singular because it is defined by many as a Wolf-Bracco-Graioid. Very agile and tonic dog. Quite muscular and strong. The peculiarity that makes this breed unique is the singular headband that covers the top line of the head. Expresses tone and great speed in movements.


His character is very appreciable. He can be a good companion for the family. He is almost always cheerful and jovial. His expression is sweet and gentle. He is quite wary of strangers, but never gives signs of submission. He is determined and quick in his intent. His galloping speed is remarkable. In movement it expresses all its qualities of elegance. In the gait it is elastic and light. He is a very loving and loyal dog. It is trainable, given its moderate intelligence. Suitable for being together with children and the whole family. If accustomed since childhood, he loves to travel and discover new places.

Bedlington Terrier (Velvety The Name Of The Gam - Pr. R. Gammella) (website photo)

Bedlington Terrier (Velvety The Name Of The Gam - Pr. Gammella) (website photo)


Height: it must not exceed 40.5 cm in height.
Weight: it must be around 18-23 pounds, that is, about 8.2-10.5 kg.

Trunk: fairly muscular and highly flexible. The thorax is deep and quite wide. The back must be carp, the rump is strongly arched.
Head and muzzle: with very narrow and rounded skull. It is deep and covered with a silky and abundant tuft of almost white color. The stop doesn't have to be.
Truffle: in the "blue" and in the "tan" the truffle is black, in the "liver" and in the "sand" the truffle is brown.
Teeth: regularly aligned and complete in number and development. Scissor or pincer closure.
Ears: of right size; with low hanging. They are covered with fur and are worn flat on the cheeks.
Eyes: blue dogs must have dark eyes; liver or sand colored dogs must have hazel eyes; blues and tan must be a little lighter than blues.
Arts: always upright. Straight and slightly away from the chest. Of excellent musculature. The hocks are strong and well angled.
Shoulder: flat and well inclined.
Upper line: must be carp.
Musculature: excellent development in all parts of the body.
Tail: of moderate length. The hairline is quite low. It must never be carried high or above the rump.
Neck: long and tapered.
Hair: very characteristic aspect. One of the fundamental aspects of the breed. It must be thick and soft. It must stand straight, without appearing rough. It must have a tendency to twist, especially on the muzzle and skull.
Skin: adapts quite well to the body in all its parts.
Allowed colors: blue, blue and tan, liver, sand.
Most common defects: non-standard measures, prognathism, enognatism, lack of premolars, deviated jaw, incorrect gait, incorrect angles, broken hair, colors not allowed, very clear eye, wide skull, too long limbs, not carp croup, high carried tail, monorchidism, cryptorchidism .

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