Dog breeds: Black and Tan Toy Terrier

Dog breeds: Black and Tan Toy Terrier

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Great Britain.
F.C.I classification: Group 3 - terriers.

The Black and Tan Toy Terrier also called in Italy "Small black and tan English terrier". As can be seen from its main somatic characteristics, this breed descends from the "Manchester Terrier". In the nineteenth century it was a very popular dog in stately homes. Its reduced size comes from a selection desired by man, because at that time it was believed that the more, the size of a dog, was reduced, the more valuable and pleasant it was. Therefore, over the years it came to bring this breed to have a weight around a kilogram. Even its robustness, therefore, was replaced with too accentuated delicacy. It is one of the few breeds in which the term "dwarfism" really has value. Its small size, however, also gave qualities to help man in hunting small and annoying rodents. In England, until the beginning of the twentieth century, there were also real competitions, based on mouse hunting. Some in the past called him a "toy dog", and since then it is with this name that the "Toy Terrier" breed is remembered. Strange to say, but its spread gradually decreased. Now in England specimens of this breed are very rare. Across Europe the subjects of this breed are limited.

General aspect

Small dog, small mesomorphic aberrant dwarf type, mesocephalic. Morphologically classified as Lupoid type. Small, very similar in appearance to its closest terrier, "Manchester". Despite the small size, the dog is quite well built. It has good proportions overall. It has a skeleton of the right ratio to the size of the trunk, and a dry muscle.


Very docile and cheerful. It is a perfect breed to be of great company to family and children. Already from its name it can be understood that it is suitable for being at home and with the people who look after it. He is quite obedient, if he is smart and shrewd. He is very affectionate. He always wants to play and be the center of attention. He loves direct contact with the owner.

Black and Tan Toy Terrier (photo

Black and Tan Toy Terrier (photo


Weight: it must not exceed 7 English pounds, which corresponds to approximately 3.17 kg.

Trunk: the chest is deep, but not wide. The back is short. The ribs are quite flat, not rounded, false ribs well descended. The kidney is strong and muscular.
Head and muzzle: long, narrow, clearly sculpted, tight skin, very fine, without creases in the cheeks. The skull is flat and narrow. The muzzle is broad, fine, conical.
Truffle: it is black and of the right size.
Teeth: well adapted and regular. Complete in number and development.
Neck: light, elegant, well in volume ratio with the head, it widens towards the shoulders, without dewlap.
Skin: well-fitting and taut throughout the body.
Limbs: straight, light bone, clean, like that of a racehorse. The feet are round with well arched toes. The nails are jet black.
Shoulder: of the right length and position.
Musculature: well developed and evident on the whole body, in particular in the hind limbs.
Upper line: straight back line.
Eyes: small, black, neither bright, nor sunken, nor prominent.
Ears: of correct length and proportion with the head.
Tail: long, straight, thin, gradually tapers towards the tip. It is worn low or saber.
Hair: satin, compact and smooth in all parts of the body. Dense and fine texture.
Allowed colors: black lacquer, with muzzle and some other parts of the body focate.
Most common defects: enognatism, non-standard measures, depigmentation of the truffle, clear eye, incorrect back, prognathism, fall on the horn, coat colors not allowed, incorrect movement, too shy character, open foot, lack of premolars, deviated jaw, dog too heavy, monorchidism, cryptorchidism.

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