Breeds of dogs: Entlebuch Mountain Dog

Breeds of dogs: Entlebuch Mountain Dog

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Switzerland.
F.C.I classification: Group 2 - pinscher schnauzer, molossoid and Swiss cattle dogs.

The origins of the Entlebuch Mountain Dog are very ancient. Its history is common to all Swiss cattlemen. One theory exposes the fact that the ancestor of the Bovaro was introduced by the legions of ancient Rome, Switzerland, being this one of the many Roman imperial colonies. It has been used for centuries as a herd, farmer and working dog. Its cradle of origin is located in the Entle valleys, from which it took its name, in the valleys of the Emme, in the cantons of Bern and Lucerne. Exceptional conductor and herd overseer. It is a very little known breed outside of your country. In Italy there are few specimens.

General aspect

Medium-sized dog, mesomorphic mesocephalic. Morphologically classified as Molosso-Lupoide type. It is a breed below average in stature, but of very well proportioned conformation. It is called very mobile and quick. Its construction is solid and with good relationships between limbs, trunk and head. It has straight and very vigorous limbs. It has excellent musculature in all parts of the body.


With an exemplary character. Also from the character point of view, this breed is very similar to the other Swiss Cattle Dogs. This breed can also be defined as a triple attitude, since it has assumed the role of guard dog, defense dog and companion dog. This is a type of dog that becomes fond of a particular person, and recognizes it as a reference point for life. It is a fairly attractive breed both in appearance and temperament. Faithful and loyal companion. Discreet shepherd dog, specialized in the management of sheep. Safe, friendly. His character must never prove shy or aggressive.

Entlebuch mountain dog (photo

Entlebuch mountain dog (photo

Sugar von der Schiessmauer, Entlebuch Mountain Dog (photo


Height: from 40 cm to 50 cm at the withers.
Weight: varies from 25 to 30 kg.

Trunk: quite descended, which gives the dog, as a whole, the impression of being a little longer than tall. The thorax is deep and quite wide. Its back is straight and strong.
Head and muzzle: in correct proportion with the trunk. The forehead is flattened and with a slight stop. The jaw is powerful and well-shaped. Its muzzle is distinctly detached from the forehead and cheeks. The lips are poorly developed.
Truffle: black, voluminous.
Teeth: complete in number and development.
Neck: short and gathered. It must be well inserted in the shoulders.
Ears: implanted high, not too large. The lobe is well rounded at the bottom, hanging, applied against the head. When the dog is alert, he is turned a little forward, like all Swiss Cattle Dogs.
Eyes: rather small. They are brown in color and appear alive.
Limbs: very straight and vigorous limbs. The hocks are well squared. The feet are round and firm. Spurs are not desired. In the hindquarters, the thigh is very well wrapped in muscles.
Pace: elastic and elongated, regular in any case.
Shoulder: long, strong and oblique. Of the right length and proportion.
Musculature: very well developed; more developed in the hind limbs than in all other parts of the body.
Tail: birth truncated.
Hair: well adherent to the body in all its parts. It is short, closed and hard. Pretty bright.
Allowed colors: common to all Swiss Cattle Dogs. Black with yellow to brown-rust spots above the eyes, cheeks and four limbs. Symmetrical white spots on the head, called list, neck, chest and feet are also seen with pleasure; in this case the tan markings must be located between black and white.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, colors of the coat not allowed, incorrect movement, non-standard size, lack of premolars, aggressive character, shy character, upper part of the rounded head, clear eye, elongated muzzle, sharp muzzle, pointed ears, open fingers, excess of white on the coat, hair too long or soft, monorchidism, cryptorchidism.

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