Breeds of dogs: Roulers mountain dog

Breeds of dogs: Roulers mountain dog

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Belgium.
F.C.I classification: UNRECOGNIZED BREED

The Roulers Mountain Dog is also called "Moerman type Mountain Dog". Many authors consider this breed now extinct. The main problem of this breed is that it has never been recognized by the F.C.I., therefore a systematic selection never took place to contribute to its maintenance and development. Its origin is the same as the "Bovaro delle Fiandre". A meeting of the "Bouvier Club of Kortrijk" was held, in 1912, in which it was established that this Bovaro corresponded to a dog with a morphology similar to that of a Mastinoid.

General aspect

Although it is a mountain dog, its aesthetic aspect is that of a medium-sized molosser. It is massive, short-necked. He has a noble and intelligent look. Its head is proportionate to the body, massive and not very long. Its skull is flat, not too wide between the ears. Stop very little pronounced. Wide muzzle, black truffle. Her lips are stretched. His jaws are strong and powerful. Regular sized hazelnut and black eyes. Distrustful gaze with strangers. Wide ears at the base. Short body, inscribed in a square. Straight kidneys, not too long. Wide, deep and highly developed chest. Round ribs. Strong forelegs and good bone construction. Generally pointed tail. Black coat that can also have gray or dark blue spots. Fairly hard, dry matted hair, very resistant. Plenty of fur in the eyebrow arches; beard and mustache. Size: from 60 to 70 cm for males; proportionally less females.


Very affectionate and intelligent. His temperament or makes depend on a single master to whom he will be devoted for life. He never backs down in front of the attacker, very brave, he always analyzes situations. He does not hesitate to attack his enemy. He never shows fear in situations where psychic balance is essential. Classic character of a mountain dog. Very similar in character, speaking to his close relative, the "Bouvier des Flandres".

Roulers mountain dog (photo


It has been issued, but is not recognized by the International Cynological Federation. Currently the breed is not recognized and for many it is believed to have disappeared.

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