Building a greenhouse

Building a greenhouse

Building a greenhouse: what it is

Building a greenhouse means creating an environment suitable for the annual cultivation of plant specimens despite the unfavorable external environmental conditions. On the market it is possible to find prefabricated greenhouses, which only need to be assembled and furnished with essential elements for cultivation. If you can't find products that suit your needs, you can easily build them from scratch. These amateur greenhouses are usually small in size, they are not heated by specific equipment, very few materials are needed and you need to arm yourself with good will to achieve satisfactory results. The most suitable and simplest structure model to create in your garden is the tunnel greenhouse.

Building a greenhouse: project

Building a greenhouse is a very simple operation and thanks to the use of materials that can be easily purchased from specialized retailers. First of all, it is necessary to carry out a project in such a way as to make an estimate of the amount of material to buy and draw up a list of the tools needed. Then it is necessary to create well-spaced arches, in such a way as to distribute the weight of the structure on all the poles; the latter must be buried and assembled together using very common clamps. After securing the arches and burying all the posts perfectly, a transparent plastic sheet is placed and fixed to the supporting structure. In general, to build a greenhouse it is necessary to purchase: flexible and rigid pipes; a polyurethane sheet; poles similar to those used in camping and a marine bungee cord; studs and very common bands; to these are added bricks, stones, pebbles or pieces of marble (leftovers can be used in order to recycle them).

Building a greenhouse: part 1

For the realization of the arches it is convenient to use hydraulic pipes, covered with a sheath. As for the tools necessary for the manipulation and realization of the amateur greenhouse, it is necessary to have a hacksaw and scissors, a mallet and a manual press. After analyzing the materials and tools needed to build a greenhouse, we proceed with its construction. First of all, it is necessary to choose a very sunny area of ​​the garden and away from trees; East-West exposure is convenient. Subsequently, the flexible pipes are bent, spaced about 1 meter apart and planted in the ground for about 40 centimeters according to the resistance of the ground; on the arches the rigid pipes are fixed using the clamps in such a way as to create a resistant skeleton. Above each pair of arches, place a stake and two on the right and left side, trying to bury them as much as possible in the ground using the mallet. In this way the structure will be resistant even during the days of strong wind. Then the tubes are tied to the posts with the elastic cord.

Building a greenhouse: part 2

To build a greenhouse it is not enough to create a resistant supporting structure, it is also necessary to arrange the sheet in such a way that it does not tear due to severe climatic adversities. At this point, once the greenhouse skeleton has been created, the plastic sheet must be fixed on all four sides. With the manual nailer, about 20 centimeters from the ground, the sheet is pierced and fixed to each single arch with the clamps. After drilling the holes and locking the plastic sheet to the entire internal skeleton, all that remains is to make the entrance to the greenhouse as we wish. An entrance can be created as a normal home or as if it were a tent; furthermore, on the part of the sheet that rests on the ground, you can arrange bricks, pieces of marble or pebbles in such a way as to block the sheet itself and at the same time give it that personalized touch that will make the greenhouse unique.

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