Boiron mother tincture

Boiron mother tincture

Boiron mother tincture: raw materials

Vegetable raw materials selected by some of the best experts in the sector are used to prepare a boiron mother tincture. In addition, the quality of the drugs is guaranteed by accurate control phases carried out on the products that have been procured. This attention to detail is what makes a boiron mother tincture a flagship of the products that can be found in herbal medicine.The product is then ground and left to macerate in a solution of water and alcohol.A part of the mother tincture is diluted in a bottle together with ninety-nine parts of water or alcohol. dilution from the ratio of 1/100 can be performed a large number of times in order to obtain very high dilutions.

Boiron mother tincture: uses

A boiron mother tincture produced and diluted in this way, it can be used both natural and to impregnate some types of neutral supports that can be purchased in herbal medicine. For the impregnation, granules or globules of sucrose and lactose are used. Using a triple impregnation process, the presence of the active principle in a homogeneous way, reaching the heart of the granule. The granules used, which are impregnated with a mother tincture boiron are composed of fifteen percent lactose and eighty-five percent sucrose. obtained with the use of a Boiron mother tincture, it is due to the absence of an Italian legislation on the dosage of homeopathic products. There are no contraindications.

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Boiron mother tincture: the company

A boiron mother tincture, brings with it the whole story of a strictly family-run company, born in France in the late thirties by the will of the twins Henri and Jean Boiron, together with the homeapata Renè Baudry. Christian Boiron that the company will experience a turning point in the sixties and seventies. In fact, the company begins to expand in Italy and the United States. Research has never stopped and the best specialists are employed in the laboratories, engaged in the production of mother tinctures essential for the development of herbal medicine. The efficacy of boiron products is also recognized by the official medical community which, in this circumstance, is forced to put aside the existing historical prejudices and the guerrillas of the sector.

Boiron mother tincture: dosage

It is possible that various types of Boiron products can be found in herbal shops. Among these is the presence of some mother tinctures that are to be used naturally.A boiron mother tincture guarantees efficacy, with the absence of side effects, thanks to the extraction of the active ingredient from plants that have been selected. The correct dosage of a mother tincture must be recommended to us by the herbalist since numerous variants must be taken into account in order to obtain a benefit.Age will be one of the variables to be considered, together with the weight and severity of the disorder. the assumption of a mother tincture boiron, can take place from a minimum of once to a maximum of three times a day, diluting 20 or 30 drops in water to be ingested between meals.