Makita electric chainsaw

Makita electric chainsaw

What is Makita electric saw motorcycle

The Makita electric motor saw is a tool designed for almost professional gardening and is suitable for all those who have a garden with trees or shrubs. The power delivered (max 2 kW for a chain speed of 13.3 m / sec) allows you to cut shrubs, even of considerable thickness, in complete safety. All models from the UC3530A (electric saw with 350mm blade) up to UC4030A (electric saw with 400mm blade) have for example a double start switch that allows to avoid accidental starts and a safety clutch: for the lower models (those with the 300 mm blade) safety controls are standard, with front blade lock and engine shutdown in case of blade lock. Unlike petrol chainsaws, which are free from any constraint other than filling the mixture and oil tanks, Makita electric chainsaws need constant attention deriving from the power cord: all models have a cable of 30 cm ending with a plug to which a 'flying' socket must be attached, with all the risks that can be run.

Makita electric chainsaw - makita electric chainsaw uc4030ak">How to choose the makita electric chainsaw

Makita electric saws have various models that allow the device to be used in different types of work. Makita electric saws are particularly valid in the case of gardens with fruit trees, shrubs or trees with not too large branches to be pruned. This is because, while allowing the cutting of a trunk or a branch that has a diameter from a minimum of 30 (for those who have fruit trees or trees or small branches) to a maximum of 50 centimeters for large trunks or branches. , the power delivered by the engine and the handling are inferior to the sisters with the internal combustion engine, with all that this entails in terms of safety. The advantage of an electric chainsaw lies in the fact that it is always ready for use, without having to stop to be able to refuel the mixture tank if not that of the chain oil, saving time. For those who need to prune their trees, the version with a 30 cm blade is recommended, or to obtain the DUC252Z model which has no wire but two batteries, while for those who carry out more complex operations with branches or trunks of greater diameter, the length of the blade must be 40 or 50 cm.

How to use the Makita electric chainsaw

Electric saws are tools to be used very carefully and all the minimum safety provisions must be followed, such as wearing gloves for a better grip but above all wearing goggles or a protective visor. These last objects are fundamental for one's own safety because when it is cut, the wood tends to form splinters of wood which, with the movement of the chain, go upwards towards the face. Another fundamental rule is to use the tool having a suitable space for the fall of the branch (in case of pruning) or a support that raises the piece to be cut at least 30 cm from the ground. In order to better preserve the Makita electric saws, especially the chain, some basic rules of use must be kept in mind: during cutting, be careful not to hit the ground with the chain in order not to damage the thread of the chain cut, always clean the chain protection compartment at the end of each job, freeing it from sawdust mixed with oil and, above all, often check the oil level of the chain in order to always have a clean and precise cut

Makita electric chainsaw: Prices of the Makita electric saw motorcycle

Makita electric saws combine great reliability with a very competitive price in the gardening cutting tools market. The price variation depends above all on the length of the blade and the power absorbed by the electric motor which varies respectively from 30 to 50 cm (with intermediate lengths of 35 and 40 cm) and from 1800 to 2000 watts. The average cost of the 30 cm Makita electric saw is about 160 euros, including case, chain, chain cover, bar, universal key (for removing the cap and adjusting the chain tensioner) and instruction booklet. If you want to move towards the 40 cm intermediate model, the price ranges between 220 and 270 euros with the equipment seen for the previous model and with the possible addition of a vial of oil for the chain and a blade sharpening bar. . The price of the DUC252Z model, the one without wire but with batteries, fluctuates around 250 euros without batteries, while it varies from 300 to 370 euros with the package including the two batteries.

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