Dog breeds: Dog breeds Bohemian Rough Haired Dog - Cesky Fousek

Dog breeds: Dog breeds Bohemian Rough Haired Dog - Cesky Fousek

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Czech Republic.
F.C.I classification: Group 7 - standing dogs.

The Bohemian Rough-haired Pointing Dog (Cesky Fousek) is an ancient breed, already known in Bohemia since the 14th century. In the Renaissance era, it was the favorite dog of noble families for hunting. In the nineteenth century it had become very popular. Its first Standard was published even in 1887, but the breed, for political reasons, was not yet recognized among the Austro-Hungarian breeds. It will be recognized only later, in the year 1963, the year in which the International Federation approved its Standard. Documents tell us that already in the time of Charles IV, in the kingdom of Bohemia, the dog was already known for his exceptional qualities for the firm. World wars had almost brought the breed to extinction, but later the breed was rebuilt. In his country it was, and is still used, for hunting birds and roe deer. Widespread in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak Republic. Not well known outside the borders of your country. Well bred in Italy.

General aspect

Medium-sized dog, hard-haired, dolominocephalic mesomorphic. Morphologically classified as a Braccoid type. It has a dry head and a well proportioned trunk. Its relationship between head, trunk and limbs is good. Its structure is solid and resistant. Its general appearance denotes strength and endurance. It is an interesting breed from the morphological and genotypic point of view because from the documents we have today it can be established that over the centuries there have been very few changes.


It is a breed with a hereditary predisposition for hunting. It is a multifaceted race in its aptitudes. It adapts well to all sorts of terrain, from covered, wooded, tangled, to swampy soils. Despite its natural impetuosity on pests, it is easy to conduct and proves very fond of the owner.

Bohemian Haired Dog - Cesky Fousek (photo

Roughhaired Bohemian Pointing Dog - Cesky Fousek


- males between 60 and 66 cm
- females between 58 and 62 cm.
- males from 28 to 34 kg
- females from 22 to 28 kg.

Trunk: viewed from the front, the chest and shoulder blade have a lyre shape. The thorax is oval and its is proportionate to the general appearance. The lower line of the chest must reach at least the elbow joint. The front of the chest is well developed. The ribs are convex and well proportioned along the entire length. The back is short and stocky. The kidneys are short. The belly is slightly raised. The croup is slightly inclined.
Head and muzzle: fairly narrow and long, it is carried high on the neck. The muzzle is a little longer than the skull and slightly mountainous. The muzzle thins towards the truffle. The lips are of medium size. The occiput is poorly pronounced. On the upper part of the head, the skull is normally convex and slightly rounded.
Truffle: it is wide, and has well-open and sensitive nostrils. Always dark brown in color.
Teeth: powerful jaws. Complete set of teeth, well developed, with scissor bite.
Neck: should not be too short or too thick. Medium length, with well developed musculature.
Ears: they have a very high and wide junction and are thinning towards the tip. The length reaches two thirds of the cheek. Slightly rounded tip. Wear close to the head.
Eyes: almond-shaped, they have a good and intelligent expression, well sunken. Dark amber to brownish brown in color. Eyelids well adherent to the globe.
Limbs: the elbow joint is strong. The forearm is vertical and straight, with a straight and well-developed musculature. The carpus is relatively short. The foot is tightly closed, spoon-shaped. Thick and hard plantar pads. Hindquarters with wide femur, with very well developed musculature. The leg is tilted back.
Shoulder: correctly inclined and forms an obtuse angle with the arm.
Gait: perfectly regular during the step and the trot, the line of the back practically does not move and, during the trot, the footprints coincide.
Musculature: well developed and evident in all parts of the body.
Tail: it is attached in the extension of the line of the back. It is on average large and is sometimes shortened by 3/5 of its length.
Hair: about 3-4 cm long, quite hard and bristly, well adherent to the body. Soft and thick undercoat. Bristles about 5-7 cm long, particularly hard and straight. The bristles are evident especially on the front of the chest. The coat is made up of three types of hair. On the head it forms a thick and evident beard and eyebrows.
Allowed colors: white, interrupted by brown spots or not; the brown with mixed spots on the front of the chest and on the lower part of the front limbs; the brown without spots.
Most common defects: short head, protruding eyes, ears too long, neck too short and large, sternum too little evident, withers little marked, prognatism, enognatism, fingers not closed, lack of pigmentation, coat colors not allowed, non-standard measures, incorrect movement, monorchidism, cryptorchidism.

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