Breeds of dogs: English Bulldog

Breeds of dogs: English Bulldog

Origin, classification and history

Origin: England
F.C.I classification: Group 2 - pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid dogs and Swiss cattle dogs.

Some have called the English Bulldog a "natural paradox" and wrote that "the Bulldog is a beautiful dog in its ugliness". That it is a natural paradox is now scientifically proven, in fact this breed certainly derives from an anomaly perpetuated in the species. To fix its characters and its peculiarities, man thought about it. Besides, many of the animal breeds that we know today are derived from the same natural factor. His name in English means "bull dog", which was assigned to him because in the mid-nineteenth century, these subjects were used in bloody battles with bulls in the arenas of Great Britain. The Bulldog certainly descends, like almost all Molossians, from the ancient "Asian Mastiffs" imported by the Phoenician traders in Brittany and that the ancient Romans, after introducing them to Rome, made them fight against slaves and ferocious beasts. Today this breed is well known and appreciated all over the world, also thanks to the cinema, which has helped to make its nice appearance known. In the United States, they created another very similar breed called "American Bulldog" from this breed.

General aspect

Small dog, brachymorphic brachycephalic. Its stature is small but it is wide and very robust in constitution. Its head is very massive and very large in relation to its size. It has very developed and toned muscle masses. Its body, seen from above, must take the "pear" shape with the front of the body wider than the rear. The muzzle is short and full. Very nice and charming in appearance.


Although the Bulldog has been classified by the International Federation in the group of utility dogs, he is a perfect companion dog. He loves being together with people very much and always tries to be caressed and taken into consideration by everyone around him on a daily basis. He loves to lounge around, spending most of his time sleeping. He also has the skills to be a discreet guard dog. He is very affectionate and loyal to the owner. He loves traveling a lot, but does not tolerate the heat, so you must always be careful not to make it too hot. The hot factor is one of the main causes of death in this breed, given that their nasal bridge is too short, it has various breathing difficulties. He is a dog of great charm. It is quite difficult to breed, because given its size of the skull and body, almost all females are given birth with "cesarean section". One of the most suitable breeds for those looking for a quiet dog.

Female with English Bulldog puppy - Owned by Vinattieri Federico (photo

English Bulldog (website photo)

English Bulldog (website photo)


- males 24-25 kg
- females 22-23 kg

Trunk: compact, with very large chest and large diameter. Sturdy and short back. Wider in front and smaller at the rear.
Head and muzzle: Very large skull; its circumference is approximately equal to the height at the withers. The tip of the skull, the tip of the truffle and the tip of the chin must be strictly on the same line (a fundamental element for the judgment). The muzzle has a noticeable wrinkle on the nose. Wide forehead.
Truffle: very large and voluminous, with well-defined and wide nostrils.
Teeth: regularly aligned, complete in number. Scheduled closure. Canines should not be visible with the mouth closed. The jaw should not be deflected.
Neck: strong and muscular. Its length is moderate. Well arched.
Ears: "rose" courses. Attack high on the head.
Limbs: very vigorous, with considerable thickness and musculature. The forelegs are shorter than the hindquarters. Round and closed feet.
Shoulder: wide, deep and oblique.
Musculature: developed and evident throughout the body.
Upper line: it must have a slight depression behind the shoulders, then the spine goes up towards the kidneys, and then falls again towards the tail. One of the most important elements in the judgment.
Tail: with low hanging. It must be round in shape and without hair fringes. Flow down. Right length.
Hair: fairly fine texture and good compactness. It must appear short and soft.
Allowed colors: brindle, white, piebald white, brown, fawn, mottled white. Black is not allowed and in fact it is extremely rare.
Most common defects: measurements out of standard, subject too high on the limbs, chest not wide, ear badly worn, incorrect back, incorrect muzzle line, nose out, protruding canines, incorrect teeth, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, black color, light eye, open foot, jaw deviated, incorrect movement.

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