Dream gardens

Dream gardens

Garden design

The garden is a green corner to be made suggestive, it must convey a feeling of tranquility and complete immersion in the scents and colors of aromatic plants and flowering and fruit plants. First think about making a draft of the garden that you will want to create by imagining you see the space from above. There are various elements to take into consideration. In the design of a dream garden the materials for the furniture such as wood, stone or wrought iron for the gazebo, the barbecue area, the sofa and the armchairs must be carefully chosen. The arrangement on several levels gives the garden more personality, even 3-4 steps are enough to create a small difference in height or a raised terrace, the irregular stone or wooden steps can follow the path of flower beds or aromatic herbs.

Zen garden

The creation of a Japanese Zen garden must be taken care of down to the smallest detail. The Zen garden is in fact a place of balance and harmony where you can devote yourself to the contemplation of nature. The essential elements of a Zen garden are greenery, water, a bed of gravel or white sand and stones. Water symbolizes life and transformation and can be represented by an irregular stream adorned with outcropping stones, a pond or even a simple fountain. Stone is associated with stability and strength, smooth stones must be placed on the lawn and streams can be created with the raked white sand. Trees indicate longevity, in the Japanese Zen garden evergreen leaf trees should be favored over flowering plants, for example yew, magnolia or Japanese maple.

Garden with patio

A garden with a small patio can be transformed into a secret, charming and welcoming place, full of aromatic herbs and perfumes with colorful ceramics and fountains. The patio walls can be painted orange or yellow a warm and vibrant color. In the center you can place a fountain adorned with blue, white or green colored ceramics, the tiles can also be used to adorn the stair risers. Blue and white glazed pots, large earthenware jars will give the garden an exotic Arab patio look and will be of great decorative impact. When choosing plants, choose climbing plants such as bougainvillea, grape vine, clematis and jasmine, all herbs, mint, rosemary, thyme and citrus fruits. Among the shrubs you prefer papyrus and broom; Finally, wrought iron furnishing elements and the typical lanterns should not be missing.

Dream gardens: The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden in recent years has become a real protagonist and vegetables have often been used as an ornamental element as well as for the harvest. The garden garden must be positioned in a sunny area, it can have a round or square design. In the round garden you can create four or eight central wedges that house vegetables, courgettes, colored lettuce, with perimeter flower beds where you can plant aromatic herbs, thyme, laurel, rosemary and lavender; the space can then be enclosed by fruit trees planted in espaliers. The vegetable garden with a square design with a regular plan, is divided into four regular cross sections. In the center you can arrange a pomegranate plant and arrange a path of tiles in a cross. In the four sections place aromatic herbs, flowering plants and vegetables.

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