BCs two-wheel tractors

BCs two-wheel tractors

BCS two-wheel tractor

Forget about the walking tractor as you have been used to seeing it, the engine with two wheels and a rear cutter is an image destined to be part of the history of the walking tractor. This is no longer the case, the modern walking tractor is a source of power, equipped with an internal combustion engine and mobile, on two wheels. The cutter that was the "classic" and almost unique equipment, today is one of the many tools that can be connected to this machine that transform it into many different machines, with quick and simple operations; for all-round use. The BCS walking tractor is completely at ease in this concept, in which it also takes full advantage of the quality certification with which it certifies, through external certification bodies, compliance with the European sector standards that guarantee safe and quality products.

The universe of BCS walking tractors

Power and versatility. BCS two-wheel tractors are designed to be able to fulfill several tasks, in a simple and effective way; within everyone's reach. To be able to fulfill several tasks, different powers are needed and so the engines deliver power from 3.6 Kw (4.8 Hp) up to 9 Kw (12.2 Hp) and, depending on the model, they are powered by petrol or diesel. . The 180 ° reversible handlebars are the first element that allows versatility because with their movement they allow you to connect tools that otherwise could not be used to the walking tractor. This means that the tiller can be used in all seasons and in an infinite series of operations. Certainly milling remains the "main" activity for which walking tractors are used, let's not forget that they were born precisely to perform this function, the rest came later.

The equipment for BCS walking tractors

The cutters that can be combined with the BCS walking tractors are available in several widths, from 46 cm to 85 cm, to allow passage in the inter-rows or on the rows. If the land is still to be plowed in spring, you can choose to use a plow or a rotary plow. The first is the classic plow, single share or turn-ear at 180 °, while the second is a tool capable of working the soil by combining the plowing operation with that of milling, in a single step. The furrow plow, which can also be connected to the tiller, allows you to create irrigation furrows. Moving the manure can be done comfortably by connecting the trailers to the BCS walking tractors. To level small spaces or move piles of earth or weeds, the front blade is available which in winter will be very useful for clearing snow.

BCs two-wheel tractors: More equipment ..

To keep the grass low and well trimmed, you can use the 56 cm or 100 cm lawn mower, according to individual needs, to which a grass collection basket can be connected. To cut the grass when it is higher, the many versions of cutter bars can be used: Laser, Elasto, Semifitta and Duplex. If, on the other hand, there are branches and small shrubs together with the grass, the suitable tool is the grass cutter which in the version for professionals becomes a single-rotor with movable knives, in a "Y" section and is called Bladerunner, also suitable for the most demanding operations undergrowth and uncultivated land. The sweeper is useful for keeping the squares and paths clean, while the snow turbines are used to clear the same.

Video: BCS Tractor Operation (October 2021).