When to prune lavender

When to prune lavender

When to prune lavender

Whether you have a garden with many plants, or grow it in pots, knowing when to prune lavender is essential to allow balanced growth of the plant. The best time for pruning is at the end of flowering, so it can vary depending on some characteristics such as exposure and the area in which it is grown. Again, you have to evaluate when to prune lavender also based on the species: there are in fact many varieties of lavender, characterized by different flowering periods, more or less long and more or less luxuriant. From an aesthetic point of view, it can be a bit traumatic to go from seeing a flowering and colorful plant to seeing it completely bare, but this step is necessary for health and for the subsequent flowering.

When to prune lavender - Lavender seedling">How is when to prune lavender

Although the pruning period could be variable depending on the different species of lavender, the cutting methods remain the same. Let's see what is the best way to prune a lavender seedling: first you need to wait until the flowering period is completed. Subsequently, you can move on to cutting, eliminating a large number of twigs: pruning requires that two thirds of the plant, developed during the previous year, must be cut. Of course, dry ears should be eliminated, but the most woody stems should never be touched. The stems should never be cut radically, but it is necessary to leave 3-4 buds for each branch: it will be precisely those buds to ensure flowering for the following season.

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When to prune a lavender plant

Lavender is not a plant used exclusively in herbal medicine or cosmetics: it can also be used with excellent results as a decorative element, thanks to the beautiful flowering it can offer. To have a balcony, a terrace or a colorful and fragrant garden, it is good to remember when to prune lavender: a wrong pruning, in fact, can not only permanently compromise the beauty of the flowering of the following year, but also make the seedlings suffer. Since lavender does not require overly careful care, it is considered an easy plant to grow: failure to prune, however, leads to that wild aspect, with decomposed shrubs which, while perfuming the environment, do not allow to recreate the aesthetic result offered. from the plants looked after.

How to prune lavender plants

Although the different species bloom and end their flower season at somewhat different times, it can be said that by the end of summer all lavender plants have finished their flowering period. Therefore, pruning can be done before the end of September. The cutting of the branches must be carried out after only having pruned the plant from the dry ears. When pruning, the age of the seedling must also be considered: small plants can be easily pruned with scissors while, in the case of older plants it would be better to use shears. Those who want to collect the flowers to create fragrant bags must remember that the collection of the inflorescences must be done at the beginning of flowering, when the scent is more intense.

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