Breeds of dogs: Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Breeds of dogs: Central Asian Shepherd Dog

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Russia.
F.C.I classification: Group 2 - pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid type dogs and Swiss cattle dogs.

As for the "Caucasian Shepherd Dog" also for the Central Asian or Central Asian Shepherd Dog (Sredneasiatskaia ovtcharka) we do not have much information on its origins. The Soviets themselves discovered them only recently, given that once these breeds were raised in very restricted areas. Although undeniably descending from the Tibetan Molossian, in the multiplicity of its typologies present in different regions of a vast territory, it is the result of the natural selection imposed by the climatic and living conditions of the respective regions, so as to give life to numerous variants, differentiation in the first place phenotypic, within the breed. It is only beginning to be seen outside the Russian border today, while breeds such as the "Caucasian Shepherd Dog" have been bred all over Europe for many years. The breed is quite rare.

General aspect

Dog of above average size, rustic and very robust. Its head is large and harmonious on the whole. Its structure is well proportioned and has the right relationship between head, limbs and trunk. Its construction is harmonic. Dog with a kind expression.


It is a breed that has always been used to guard and not to guide the flock. Currently, as in antiquity, the natural application of this breed is guard and defense. It is a dog that proves to be quite reactive, alert and somewhat aggressive. Sometimes it proves biting. These behavioral characteristics should never be exacerbated with training, so as not to find themselves with unpleasant complications. It is a breed of incredible rusticity and resistance. It has no difficulty withstanding cold climates and very harsh temperatures. It is always advisable to keep it in the open air as much as possible, never neglecting frequent contacts with the owner.

Anur, Central Asian Shepherd dog male of Kazakhstan bloodline (photo

Athena, Turkmenistan bloodline Central Asian Shepherd dog (photo

2 month old Central Asian Shepherd Dog puppy (photo


- males at least 65 cm at the withers
- females at least 60 cm at the withers

Trunk: it must never appear very long as a whole. The thorax is quite deep and the back quite straight.
Head and muzzle: very broad skull, little obvious stop. Muzzle rather short and robust.
Truffle: very broad and black.
Teeth: complete in number and development.
Neck: wide and of right proportions.
Ears: are triangular and hanging, but usually amputated.
Eyes: they are small and round, spaced apart.
Limbs: they are robust, with strong bones.
Shoulder: oblique and muscular.
Pace: fast and loose.
Musculature: well developed and solid.
Tail: long and sickle-shaped.
Hair: thick, hard, smooth, with woolly and thick undercoat.
Allowed colors: all colors are allowed.
Most common defects: monorchidism, cryptorchidism, long muzzle, depigmented truffle, smooth hair, short tail, limbs not in perpendicularity, prognathism, enognatism, incorrect movement, defective rear, aggressive or shy character, fearful attitude.

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