Mini balcony greenhouses

Mini balcony greenhouses

Mini balcony greenhouses

In recent years, almost all of us have had to tighten our belts due to the economic crisis that is looming around the world. Unnecessary expenses are postponed, avoiding taking out the wallet to buy superfluous goods. But when it comes to eating, no one can do without it. Savings, in this case, are sought in the cheaper fruit and vegetable stall than the others, certainly not by avoiding buying fruit and vegetables, essential foods for our health. But there is a solution that allows you to save money without giving up good seasonal vegetables: the mini greenhouses from the balcony. Not all of us have a garden where we can cultivate our vegetable garden. Does anyone who lives in an apartment, in a town or in a big city, have to give up his oasis of health? Absolutely not! All you need is a little space on the terrace to place a practical mini greenhouse that will allow you to grow the plants you like best, protecting them from the elements that could ruin them.

Balcony greenhouse in plastic and wood">The plants to grow

During the summer, all the plants can easily find a place on the terrace, enjoying the sun's rays and the warm summer air, which allows them to grow strong and luxuriant. But as soon as the cold season arrives, we must run for cover. Some plants must necessarily be placed inside the house, otherwise they could not survive. Others, however, who cannot stay at home, must be protected in some way. And here the various types of mini greenhouses come to our aid. But what are the plants to grow on the terrace? In addition to the classic ornamental plants, the custom of growing aromatic plants, such as basil, rosemary, parsley, or of dedicating an entire space to a small vegetable garden where they will take place: tomatoes, salad, zucchini, aubergines and all that is increasingly widespread. that we like to eat. In short, a small do-it-yourself garden that will allow us to eat healthy and save money at the same time.

Balcony greenhouses - mini greenhouse for balcony in glass and aluminum">Prices of mini greenhouses from the balcony

Without a doubt, these structures are a useful solution to protect your plants from the cold during the winter season. But when it comes to putting their hand to the wallet they start to twist a bit of noses. Meanwhile, as regards prices, there are a number of variables to take into account. The first is certainly the size of the mini greenhouse. The bigger the more the price goes up. Another component to take into account are the types of materials used for its construction. Also in this case, the higher the quality of the material, the higher the production cost and, consequently, the higher the final selling price must rise. However, do not worry! There are facilities to suit all budgets. We start with the smaller ones, whose price varies from 25 to 50 euros. You get to the largest that can cost up to 500 euros. The latter have an internal temperature control and management system, to keep the plants always warm.

How to build a mini greenhouse

For DIY lovers, who do not like to spend money on objects that they could easily build themselves, let's see how to build a mini balcony greenhouse. First of all, you must first choose which plants will inhabit it. If they are small plants, our greenhouse can be built entirely of wood, while if the plants are taller or if we even have to cover an entire garden it will be more convenient to use PVC pipes. Once the decision has been made and the measures taken, it will be enough to equip yourself with PVC pipes, joints and plastic casings. If you want to make the greenhouse even more perfect, you can also use hinges. By assembling pipes and joints together, you will get a house-shaped structure which, when covered with plastic coatings, will be an excellent protection for the plants. The hinges are the extra touch that will allow you to open the greenhouse more easily to water the plants.

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