Lawn tractor

Lawn tractor

The ride-on mower

The manufacturers of garden tools have developed a wide range of ride-on mowers suitable for the most diverse needs. The main constructive differences are evident in the position of the cutting apparatus which can be mounted frontally, or between the axles of the vehicle. The ride-on mower is a vehicle with a certain constructive complexity and the main variants are the steering system which can be centrally articulated, or alternatively positioned on the rear or front axle, depending on the model. There is not always the collection bag of the pan grass and it seems that the prevailing technical solution provides for leaving the finely chopped grass residues on the ground to allow a sort of self-fertilization of the lawn. The ride-on mower has in fact exceptional handling qualities.

The driving position on the ride-on mower

All models of ride-on mowers have an elevated driving position, the comfortable and ergonomic seat makes even prolonged work easy, the controls are all arranged so as to be easily accessible. The ride-on mowers are equipped with a variable diameter cutting unit usually made up of several rotating blades. The power of the engine varies by make and model from 6 kW up to 12.4 kW. The motion transmission is hydrostatic, often on 4-wheel drive so as to be able to work even on very steep slopes. Some manufacturers allow the installation of accessories such as the mulcher for cutting brushwood and brambles, but also the possibility of combining a snow cutter or a small snow plow blade. The acoustic comfort is high, and consumption reduced by efficient and ecological engines.

Garden tractor

This product category, although not approved for road circulation, is made up of a series of models suitable for even heavy jobs, designed for the maintenance needs of large areas of land and manor gardens. The cutting discs are positioned between the axles and the cut grass is collected in a large container positioned at the rear and not left on the ground as with ride-on mowers. The more complex models have power take-offs to engage tools for performing various tasks and a towbar for a small trailer. Equipped with motors with increasing power from 6 to 12 kW at a constant speed. The transmission and the various functions are all linked to the use of a hydraulic system, from traction to PTO management to the lifters which are all hydraulically powered.

Riding Lawnmower: The other lawnmowers

If the models of garden tractors and other garden tractors are too large, the appropriate choice will be to opt for traditional lawn mowers. Even the push models guarantee ease of use for large areas of land and are indispensable in the narrowest corners of the garden. If, on the other hand, the need to cut the turf concerns small surfaces, the ideal are modern robotic lawnmowers which, installed with the charging column, provide for cutting independently. Another solution, ideal for those who are not familiar with motor vehicles, is represented by the electric models which, equipped with power and ease of use, guarantee excellent results, as long as a little attention is paid to use due to the presence of the electric cable, the ecology and silence of the latter will be ideal for the small gardens of terraced houses in inhabited centers.

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