Petrol shredder

Petrol shredder

Petrol shredder

The bio-shredder is an equipment that allows you to finely grind the branches and cutting residues of trees and shrubs; thanks to this equipment it is possible to very compact the green waste produced in the garden, which if desired can also be used for composting. Thanks to a petrol garden shredder it is also possible to grind medium-sized branches with a diameter greater than 3-4 centimeters. Often this equipment is used when pruning large trees, or for those who manage or own a park or a wooded plot. The engine is quite noisy, but it has a much higher power than an electric motor, at least in the field of gardening equipment. Operation is also inexpensive, because a small engine does not need large amounts of fuel to run for long periods of time.

Used models

Contrary to what happens with electric shredders, the equipment equipped with an internal combustion engine is designed for a long service life, even uninterrupted; they can be used for many years, without the motorization being affected by wear. This equipment is typically meant for gardeners, or professionals who prune large trees, and therefore also comes at a fairly high price. For hobbyists it is convenient to look for a used machine on the market, in order to contain the initial price. Clearly, with the passing of the years, some internal components tend to deteriorate; it is therefore important to check that the shredder still has very sharp blades, and that the engine works without problems, leaks or other. In this way it is quite economical to have professional equipment, even in a small garden.

Petrol shredder - Shredder">Petrol shredder prices

Generally i petrol shredders they are equipment designed for professionals in the sector, who have to grind large quantities of green or dry material every day; for this reason, prices tend to be much higher than those of shredders with an electric motor. Prices generally range around 900-1500 euros, and are closely linked to the power of the engine, and to the maximum size of the branches that can be loaded inside the mill. Prices of this type are motivated by the fact that these devices are practically indestructible, and can work hard for many years; in addition to the long life, the motor of this type guarantees a long service life even in everyday life, allowing materials to be shredded for many hours even every day. These are professional tools, suitable for constant and continuous use over the years.

Choose the shredder

Bio-shredders are increasingly widespread equipment, not only among professionals; Generally, for hobbyists, models with an electric motor are preferred, because with 300-500 euros you can buy a medium-sized model, ignition is easier, and because the engine noise is much lower. Usually these shredders are perfect for a small garden, where pruning residues are in small quantities and the equipment is usually kept on for a few hours a year. However, if you have a condominium park, or a small portion of the forest, an electric motor model does not suit your needs, as it could never chop the larger branches, and above all it would force you to grind the material a little at a time. , over the days. THE petrol shredders they are much more robust and powerful, and allow long periods of continuous exercise.

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