Stihl brand hedge trimmer

Stihl brand hedge trimmer

Stihl hedge trimmer with petrol engine

This is the first of the possible alternatives when choosing to buy a Stihl brand hedge trimmer. The engine of this model is petrol, so this is a high performance tool. Nevertheless, it is still very light and easy to handle, so it does not present particular difficulties of use. This hedge trimmer proves to be the optimal choice for the management of parks and public green spaces, but it is also excellent for the management of the home garden. However, the best results can be appreciated if it is used to cut very high and dense hedges, or that have not been cared for for a long time. The company also markets an elongated version of this petrol engine tool, which is particularly useful for very tall hedges. Two elongated versions are available, one reaches up to 248 cm and the other up to 204 cm.

Stihl battery hedge trimmer

The hedge trimmers of this brand are particularly suitable for professional needs, as they do not need fuel and even less cables, which can be a hindrance in very demanding jobs. Those with accumulator in fact work thanks to a lithium-ion accumulator, and are rechargeable through a special battery charger. The absence of the motor means that these instruments are particularly silent, therefore they can also be used in environments where little noise must be made. Moreover, this model is very handy and comfortable; its peculiarity, however, is that of having a long autonomy. It can be purchased with a standard charger supplied or with a quick charger. There are two models of Stihl battery hedge trimmers, the HSA 65 and the HSA 85, both sold together with the appropriate accessories for the care of the tool.

Stihl electric hedge trimmer

A third alternative offered by Stihl in terms of hedge trimmers is the electric model. This is the most suitable tool for small jobs, so it is the best for managing private gardens. It does not need to be refueled, as it is powered by electricity, it is also extremely quiet, so with this tool you can do the job even at times when it is not allowed to make noise. It is the ideal tool for trimming hedges or other shrubs by removing excess twigs. Like all products of the brand, it is equipped with a practical handle that will make your work easier. The electric hedge trimmers are also available in both the standard and the elongated version, which is very useful for being able to finish very high hedges without the aid of stairs or scaffolding.

Stihl brand hedge trimmer: Stihl hedge trimmer prices

The prices of Stihl products vary from model to model. Generally they are around 300 euros for the basic models. The least expensive are electric and accumulator ones; their price varies, depending on the power and weight, from 160 to 400 euros. More expensive, but clearly higher performing, are petrol hedge trimmers. These have more variable prices, also determined in this case by the power and weight of the tool, as well as by the length of the cut. For an internal combustion model, it ranges from a base price of 350 euros and up to 700 euros. Extendable models also have higher prices than standard length ones. In any case, if you want to save something on the price without sacrificing quality, you can opt for a used hedge trimmer, searching the various sites that sell products of this kind.

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