The lawn mower

The mower is an agricultural machine that is typically used to cut fodder. The type of motion of its mowing apparatus is alternative as in the case of the mowing bar or rotary as in the disc one. In the cutter bar models the cutting apparatus consists of a bar that carries the blade which is equipped at the front with some blade holder teeth: they divide the grass into small bundles and the knives with sharp edges that form the blade move, with reciprocating motion. To make a clean cut of the grass, the blade speed on average is around 2.5-3 m / s. Particular types are the mower-swath, which mows cereals, fodder, herbs, etc. and forms the swaths. The mower-loader performs both the mowing and the loading of the product in a trailer through the use of a chain loader. The mower-conditioner is a forage mower consisting of a cutting blade and rollers between which the forage is crushed and then deposited in the swaths for drying. Finally, the mower-tying machine is used to cut cereals, except corn, and to pack the sheaves.

BCS mower

The model produced by the well-known company BCS is an excellent mowing machine made with quality materials and innovative technologies. In fact, the BCS company is a guarantee of quality: it was born in the Abbiategrasso area, on the outskirts of Milan, where there is still a strong agricultural vocation and people only work and mow with the strength of the farmers. In fact, the company had the idea of ​​designing self-propelled motor mowers: a real revolution for agriculture due to the enormous production capacity and to improve the lives of farmers. The company today produces different models of mowers, to be chosen according to individual work needs. The mowers of the Max series, in addition to the classic, can be used for many maintenance purposes thanks to their variety of attachments that can be applied. The company also produces a motor mower with hydrostatic traction and with assisted steering by hydraulic control for those who need to mow even in "no limits" conditions and with a maximum slope: it is the only motor mower with multiple steel discs with oil bath.

Used mower

Mowers have a rather high cost for their technology and quality materials. But on the market there is the possibility of buying a used model in good condition. In this way it is possible to have an efficient product at a lower cost: just check the state of use and above all the manufacturer well. There are many sites on the net where you can find excellent used mowers, such as "agriaffaires", where you can choose the make, model and cutting width and find the used mower that best suits your needs. Also on the site "ebay" or "" you will find numerous advertisements of people who sell their used mower at a price that is certainly lower than the new one and in conditions that must always be checked in person, for greater safety in the purchase. . Browsing the internet it is therefore easy to find a used model that meets your needs both in terms of use and above all in terms of price: just check the condition of the tool and the place of origin to be able to easily transfer it.

BCS mowers

The BCS company, one of the best companies that produce mowers, has as its main objective the design, manufacture and distribution of excellent products that can meet the needs of those who use them and with the intention of building agricultural machinery that can improve the life of the farmer ensuring reliability, comfort and safety. BCS mowers also respect and protect the environment because the company has always had this way of being and acting, having developed alongside those who live every day in close contact with nature and work with it. The BCS company, in addition to the "Max" series of mowers and the "660 HY WS PowerSafe" hydrostatics, also builds the 622 series mowers which is a worthy heir to an early model of mowers. It is a machine equipped with a raised bridge structure, with lubricated gearboxes and with a lateral transmission group. Its differential with locking and its brakes with independent controls on the wheels allow maneuvers in an optimal way on any type of terrain.

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