Breeds of dogs: Cimarron uruguayo

Breeds of dogs: Cimarron uruguayo

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Uruguay.
F.C.I Classification: Group 2 - Pinscher and Schnauzer, Molossian and Swiss Cattle Dogs.

The Cimarron uruguayo (Perro Cimarron uruguayo, literally Uruguayan wild dog) is officially recognized as a breed in the country of origin and by the International Cynological Federation (FCI) in 2006. Its origins are uncertain, but it seems to derive from molossoids imported into the New World by colonizers Spaniards, later abandoned and rejuvenated, and are subsequently domesticated again.
The Uruguayan Kennel Club recognized Uruguayan Cimarrón after twenty years of work carried out by enthusiasts and breeders of the breed.

General aspect

The Cimarron uruguayo is a medium-sized Molossian type dog, strong, compact, with good bones, very muscular and agile. The hair is short and usually brindle but can be pale yellow (Bayo) with a black face.


Balanced, intelligent and with great courage.

Cimarron uruguayo (photo Manpleta)

Cimarron uruguayo (photo


Height at the withers:
- Males: from 58 to 61 cm (2 cm. Of tolerance)
- Females: from 55 to 58 centimeters (2 cm. Of tolerance)

Males 38-45 kg
- Females: 33-40 kg

Skull: wider than long. Occiput slightly pronounced.
Stop: Moderate.

Nose: wide, black
Muzzle: Powerful. Average width, only slightly shorter than the skull.
Lips: the upper lip covers the lower lip, but is not suspended.
Jaws / Teeth: Strong, powerful jaws. Strong teeth, well aligned, complete bite. Scissor, i.e. the upper incisors superimposed tightly on the lower incisors and perpendicular to the jaws.
Cheeks: well developed, not protruding.
Eyes: medium size, almond shape, with a curious expression. Each shade of brown is in accordance with the color of the fur, the darker the better. Eyelids well adherent eyeball and fully pigmented.
Ears: medium in size, the medium set, triangular in shape, dropping but not close to the cheek. They can be cut out, round in shape that looks like cougar ears, never more than half their length (except in countries where cutting the ears by law is prohibited).
Neck: strong, very muscular, not too long.

Top Line: height at the withers is the same height at the rump.
Withers: well defined.
Kidney: short, strong, slightly arched.
Croup: of good length, wide, inclined at 30 ° on the horizontal axis.
Chest: deep, reaches at least up to the elbow. Large and well developed. Ribs well sprung, but not barrel-shaped. Forechest well defined. Chest well defined.
TAIL: thick, medium. At rest, low flow rate. On the move carried horizontally or slightly upwards.

FRONT: seen from the front, straight and parallel.
Arm: same length as the shoulder blade.
Elbow: Neither turned inside nor outside.
Lossing is strong.
Front feet: oval, well compacted toes.
Hindquarters: very muscular and powerful, seen from behind straight and parallel.
Thigh: well developed.
Hock: well angled.

GAIT: With good extension in the front and good push in the shoulders. In movement, seen from front and back, the legs are parallel, unique tracking when the speed increases.

SKIN: thick and elastic.

HAIR: Short, smooth, close to the body, with undercoat. long hair is a disqualification defect.
COLOR: Brindle or all shades of fawn, with or without mask. White spots are allowed in the following places: lower part of the neck, chest, abdomen and lower part of the legs.

DEFECTS: Any deviation from the previous points should be considered a defect and the seriousness with which the defect should be considered must be proportionate to its severity and its effect on the health and well-being of the dog.
Excessively pendulous lips at the corners.
Excess dewlap.
Too prominent cheeks.
More than 2 PM1 missing.

White spots, except for the ones mentioned above.
Lack of important proportions.
Absence of sexual dimorphism.
Size below or above the expected height (including tolerance).

Aggressive or overly shy.
Long hair.
Any color not mentioned.
Obvious lack of type.
Dogs showing physical or behavioral abnormalities must be disqualified.

NB. Males must have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Video: Cimarron Uruguayo working - father and son (September 2021).