Fixed olive rod

Fixed olive rod

Battery harvesters

Battery harvesters are the most suitable for obtaining excellent performance without compromising ease of use, furthermore they guarantee good comfort thanks to the lightness of the instrument. Among the battery harvesters available on the market you can find both those that carry out a double comb movement and those that perform lateral movements: the former act with a double oscillatory movement of the combs and are preferable for use on olive trees. bushy; these types of harvesters are available with fixed aluminum rods 200 cm or 250 cm long, generally also with the possibility of manual configuration; battery harvesters with lateral movements, on the other hand, are the most innovative, they are generally made of carbon with very sparse and long teeth but do not use fixed rods, they are usually equipped with telescopic rods. The price of battery-powered harvesters is very variable and can be around 200 euros for the cheapest models up to around 900 euros.

The shakers with internal combustion engine

The shakers with petrol engine are an indispensable ally for harvesting olives effectively, optimizing the time of your work. This type of shakers act through a hook that generates strong vibrations. The shakers (with internal combustion engine) available on the market can be equipped with a fixed olive rod on average two meters long or with a telescopic rod in general about 160/260 centimeters; some of these shaft shakers are equipped with an innovative anti-vibration system that guarantees better performance. Other models, on the other hand, have been designed with a shoulder configuration that allows a more comfortable work to have the possibility of continuing the olive harvest for a longer time and to minimize the effort required with traditional petrol shakers. The shakers with internal combustion engines are available from around 900 euros and can reach up to 1300 euros.

Harvesters with petrol engine and fixed olive rod

The olive harvesters with internal combustion engine, as opposed to the battery-powered ones, which carried out a double oscillatory movement of the combs, are the ideal tools even for the thickest olive trees and are indispensable allies for carrying out the most difficult jobs; the motor of these harvesters is positioned at the bottom of the fixed olive rod, consequently the instrument is less light than the battery-powered harvesters. Harvesters with internal combustion engine available on the market are generally suitable for multiple functions: harvesters, pruners, hedge trimmers and brush cutters. This type of harvester can be found both with a traditional two-stroke engine and with the innovative Honda four-stroke engine that allows excellent performance while ensuring a reduction in consumption and emissions. The price of olive harvesters with internal combustion engine is generally around 1000 euros.

Fixed olive rod: Compressed air harvesters

The air harvesters are a valid alternative for the olive harvest; to be used they must be connected to a compressor and equipped with an extension rod. Traditional pneumatic harvesters are equipped with a double comb able to act with a vertical movement while the more innovative models perform a double lateral movement and are equipped with particularly long sparse teeth made of carbon, this type has been designed to tackle even the jobs more difficult ones such as particularly thick olive trees and very difficult to detach olives. The pneumatic extension rods are made of aluminum and the most innovative are designed to be as light and comfortable as possible. On the market there are both fixed pneumatic rods, generally 100 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm or 250 cm long, and telescopic rods starting from 100/160 cm up to about 200/340 cm. The prices of these harvesters are on average around 200 euros, a figure to which we must add the cost of fixed or telescopic rods that can be found on average around 100 euros.