Breeds of dogs: Cur

Breeds of dogs: Cur

Origin, classification and history

Origin: USA.
F.C.I classification: UNRECOGNIZED BREED

The Cur are considered to be native dogs of the United States. Many scholars and even several authors claim that they have ancestors in common with the "Catahoula Leopard Dog", or that they partly derive from this, such as the "Leopard Cur", that is, they date back to those dogs for various uses of the Indians of the southern United States , who were practically the pure, or slightly bastardized, war dogs taken from the Spanish Comquistadores, who arrived in the 16th century.

General aspect

By the name "Cur", we mean a certain type of hound for large game, widespread in the south and south-east of the U.S.A. The Cur have the distinction of being much more massive than any other North American hound. One of their typical characteristics is that they never trot, their natural gait is the slow gallop. Almost all Cur are used for boar hunting. They are used in wetsuits of 3-5 subjects. The Cur, which literally means "dog", is bred in different varieties: the "Mountain Cur", widespread in Tennessee, the "Leopard Cur", originally from Louisiana, the "Southern Cur" and others.


Dog of strong intelligence. Very cunning in hunting. Perfect human auxiliary for wild boar hunting. Very fast in the race. It is able to reach the prey and catch it without problems, with the intention of killing it. Individually, they successfully hunt raccoons, squirrels and even armadillos. It is also considered an excellent guard and grasp dog for cattle and pigs reared in the wild.


Moutain Cur (photo



The breed is not currently recognized by the International Federation.

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