Breeds of dogs: Dogo de Cuba

Breeds of dogs: Dogo de Cuba

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Cuba.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

The Dogo de Cuba (Mastiff of Cuba) was born from the cross between the "Bloodhound", a hound for big game, and the "Spanish Perro de Presa", which has now disappeared and has always been used for bullfighting. The Cuban Mastiff had partially inherited the main characteristics of both breeds. In the beginning the Dogo de Cuba was used for fighting against the Indians, in which the latter were mostly torn to pieces. These Mastiffs were used in Cuba, after the conquest of Central America, for the surveillance of slaves in sugar plantations and above all for the recovery of fugitives. Slavery was later abolished in 1878 and Spain renounced all its rights on the Cuban island in 1895. There was no longer a need to use these dogs for their original function, which was certainly not noble. As a consequence of this circumstance, the Dogo de Cuba was no longer bred and disappeared quickly.

General aspect

Dog of above average size, around 65 cm at the withers, massive, rare and bristly peplum. Its color was reddish or brown with or without spots; the root of the coat had a lighter shade. He had a black mask on his face. Its head was very massive, with a rounded skull and a rather short and broad muzzle with a labial volute. His ears were hanging and with a large hanging. Its weight was around 65 kg.


This singular breed was characterized by a rare aggression; imposed genetically by humans, since only the most aggressive subjects were selected. He was a dog of great consistency in his work. Very tenacious and fearless courage. He had no fear of facing the man and it was not uncommon for him to be able to kill him without difficulty. His bite was especially strong due to the weightiness of his jaws. It also distinguished itself from the other breeds for its resistance and its rusticity.

Dogo de Cuba (photo Dr. David Lackenby, Florida, USA

Dogo de Cuba (photo



The breed has now completely disappeared.

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